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The Significance of Counter-Euclidean Geometry for an Understanding of Living Nature

Man or Matter

Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe’s Method of Training Observation and Thought


Rediscover the legendary names of a suppressed scientific revolution – remarkable lives, astounding discoveries, and incredible inventions which would have produced a world of wonder: Baron von Reichenbach’s Od Force; Antonio Meucci, Father of the Telephone; Nathan Stubblefield’s Earth Batteries; Nikola Tesla’s Broadcast Power; Royal Rife’s cancer curing Ray Beams; Philo Farnsworth’s FUSOR project and much more.


A Tychonian/Geocentric scientific world view based on reconsideration of the purpose and results of the history of Ether Drift Experiments, how lack of parallax indicates Earth is the center of the universe. Whether or not you accept the overall premis, this is a well-argued thesis providing insight into why Relativity came about and why it is wrong from which you will learn much.


NASA Satellite Finds Earth’s Clouds are Getting Lower

lower clouds

February 21, 2012 Earth’s clouds got a little lower — about one percent on average — during the first decade of this century, finds a new NASA-funded university study based…

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Researchers say galaxy may swarm with ‘nomad planets’

galaxy swarms with rogue planets

Our galaxy may be awash in homeless planets, wandering through space instead of orbiting a star. n fact, there may be 100,000 more “nomad planets” in the Milky Way than…

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Are X-Rays Outclassed by Powerful New “Odic Ray”?


(Modern Mechanix, March 1922) Are X-Rays Outclassed by Powerful New “Odic Ray”? DISCOVERY of “odic rays” of high penetration produced simply by the electric current drawn from an ordinary light…

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Eidetic Geocentrism

eidetic geocentrism

by Gerry Vassilatos CELESTA MOBILIS Quantitative inertial science has built for itself a grand theory which supposedly explains all the observed celestial movements. Modern astronomy satisfies itself by explaining that…

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Cosmic Blueprint