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The Significance of Counter-Euclidean Geometry for an Understanding of Living Nature

Man or Matter

Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe’s Method of Training Observation and Thought


Rediscover the legendary names of a suppressed scientific revolution – remarkable lives, astounding discoveries, and incredible inventions which would have produced a world of wonder: Baron von Reichenbach’s Od Force; Antonio Meucci, Father of the Telephone; Nathan Stubblefield’s Earth Batteries; Nikola Tesla’s Broadcast Power; Royal Rife’s cancer curing Ray Beams; Philo Farnsworth’s FUSOR project and much more.


Tunnels of the Titans

Tunnels of the Titans

by Vincent Gaddis Throughout all the Americas there are legends of archaic avenues, racial memories of subterranean passages stretching for miles. After a great cataclysm the ancestral North Americans lived…

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Eeman’s Healing BioCircuits

Eeman Relaxation Circuit - Cooperative Healing

Co-Operative Healing with Eeman Circuits THE CENTRAL THEME OF EEMAN’S WORK This term refers to therapeutic effects obtained by applying wire circuits to connect one part of a person’s body…

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Giant Veil of “Cold Plasma” Discovered High Above Earth

ESA's Cluster II spacecraft in orbit.

Clouds of charged “cold plasma” particles reach from the top of Earth’s atmosphere to at least a quarter the distance to the moon, according to new data from a cluster…

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The Theory of Anti-Relativity

Eric Dollard Tesla Plasma

by E.P. Dollard Back to Space, or Why One Over The Speed of Light Squared: In order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the dimensional relations of the magnetic…

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Free Energy Now

Free Energy Lindemann Tesla Schauberger Cold Fusion

The World Of Free Energy by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. In the late 1880’s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting free electricity and free energy in the near future.…

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by Athon Veggi Architecture is endless because “to do” Architecture is to leap into the unknown, Architecture is continuous creation within the continuity-discontinuity which is known as Universal Infinities, To…

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Tesla Cosmic Ray Motor May Transmit Power ‘Round Earth’

Nikola Tesla free energy superman

Tesla, on Eve of 76th Birthday, Says He Has Succeeded in Harnessing ‘Penetrating Rays’ to Operate Small Motive Device by John J. A. O’Neill, Science Editor Brooklyn Eagle — July…

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Quantum Consciousness

Cabala, Qabala, Kabala, Kabbala

Quantum Consciousness – A Trap for the Unwary by Riley Hansard Crabb from the May-June 1986 Journal of Borderland Research Theoretical physicists are making continuous efforts to bridge the apparent…

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The End of Fossil Fuels

by Thomas Joseph Brown “To the writers of books upon meteorites, it would be as wicked–by which we mean departure from the characters of an established species–quasi-established, of course–to say…

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Inducing The Urpflanze

Goethe's urpflanze metamorphosis of plants

by Dennis Klocek In the book, Secrets of the Soil, the  author, Christopher Bird, mentions the work of T. Galen Hieronymus, the inventor of the cosmic pipe. The cosmic pipe…

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