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The Significance of Counter-Euclidean Geometry for an Understanding of Living Nature

Man or Matter

Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe’s Method of Training Observation and Thought


Rediscover the legendary names of a suppressed scientific revolution – remarkable lives, astounding discoveries, and incredible inventions which would have produced a world of wonder: Baron von Reichenbach’s Od Force; Antonio Meucci, Father of the Telephone; Nathan Stubblefield’s Earth Batteries; Nikola Tesla’s Broadcast Power; Royal Rife’s cancer curing Ray Beams; Philo Farnsworth’s FUSOR project and much more.


Meanings, Messages & Signals

Edison Idealia Phonograph, circa 1907

Comprehending the Differences Between Analog and Digital Recording Media by Franklin Ellsworth Clarke ONE of the most conspicuous conquests of the world market this century took place during the 1980’s.…

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Radiant Energy

For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom Compiled for the Layman from Excerpts of the Writings of DR. T.…

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The Mayan Calendar & 2012: Why Should We Care?

The Mayan Calendar & 2012 John Major Jenkins, 2008 In my own process of studying the Maya and their traditions, I moved progressively into deeper water with time. Twenty-two years…

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A Short Treatise on Alpha, Beta, Gamma Ray Therapy

Thomas Henry Moray

By DR. T. HENRY MORAY, 1946 Science acknowledges that bombardment of matter by swift moving alpha particles has proven a powerful method of studying artificial transformation of the nucleii of…

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From “Oddities – A Book of Unexplained Facts” by Lieut.-Commander Rupert T. Gould, R.N. (Ret.), 1928 UNTIL 1836 the English public had never heard of Andrew Crosse. A small circle…

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The Rogers Underground Aerial for Amateurs

Since the publication of the original article on the Rogers Underground Wireless System, published in March, 1919, the Editors have been besieged by hundreds and thousands of letters from radio…

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Rays & Radiation Phenomena

Oscar Brunler

RADIATION PHENOMENA OR THE WORLD OF RAYS & RADIATIONS Dr. Oscar Brunler, D. SC., 1950 Condensation of Energy, and Motion is the life of the Universe. Condensation of Energy, Radiation…

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The Twelve Groups of Animals

Eugen Kolisko, M.D. “The primary division of the animal kingdom is into phyla. Each phylum is sharply characterised by the possession of a plan of structure in the adult which…

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Light & Electricity

Goethe's etheric spectrum

Some Observations on the Relationships Between Light & Electricity Thomas Joseph Brown Friends, avoid the darkened chamber, Where one pinches off the light, Which must bow in lamentation While distortions…

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Gerry Vassilatos The messages engraved in the heart of certain discoveries and inventions, many times, may take years of earnest search to unlock. I believe this to be so because…

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