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The Significance of Counter-Euclidean Geometry for an Understanding of Living Nature

Man or Matter

Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe’s Method of Training Observation and Thought


Rediscover the legendary names of a suppressed scientific revolution – remarkable lives, astounding discoveries, and incredible inventions which would have produced a world of wonder: Baron von Reichenbach’s Od Force; Antonio Meucci, Father of the Telephone; Nathan Stubblefield’s Earth Batteries; Nikola Tesla’s Broadcast Power; Royal Rife’s cancer curing Ray Beams; Philo Farnsworth’s FUSOR project and much more.


Proof that we Live Inside of the Globe

Geocosmos Koresh's Cellular Cosmogony

Proof that we Live Inside of the Globe Koreshans’ Startling Claim That Their Theory Is Demonstrated by Experiments and Surveys — Scientific Revolution to Follow. from Chicago Sunday Times-Herald, July…

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Charles Hoy Fort – Bibliomancer Extraordinaire

By Franklin Ellsworth Clarke Conventional thinkers too often express the desire for “new science perspectives”. In this theme, they lift up their voices in the midst of a present scientific…

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Fire Falls & Fireballs

By Vincent H. Gaddis On the evening of October 8, 1871, the Midwestern states lay hot and parched beneath a clear sky. For three months there had been a drought,…

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Were the Oceans Once in the Skies?

Canopy Theory of Planetary Development

Galahad College Extension Fellowship SIXTH LESSON LECTURE THE beautiful Script to which you have just listened, fits with particular appropriateness into this entrancing subject which we continue to study this…

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