The second phase of these researches were aimed at determining whether or not certain local disturbances were being modified by local materials and their geometries. I found that a great “loading” of the roadway with iron fencing was a primary source of accumulation of the effect. Numerous other iron posts, and strings of strong halogen street lamps also gave strength to the effect. But it was the very window I was peering through which gave the strongest sense of acting as a “visuator” of the phenomenon.

Many times I have noted the appearance of an outer glow coming into an ordinary window, angulated (as built) with a local major vein in the ground. It is vital to note that these effects are strongest experienced when they are aligned and placed near these veinic passages in the ground. Place and position are all important. The activity and attitude of 20th Century scientism is that objects and experimental apparatus will act the same in any position. This stems from two very erroneous conceptions.

First, there is the “scientismic” belief that effects are causes. When scientists make study of mass-length-time, they are merely studying the inertial effects of formative energies, and therefore are studying only the smoothened surface of an inertial realm which they have strengthened and focussed. True reality is an entire spectrum of experiences, with subjectivity as the rule. Many phenomena would pass unnoticed were they to be measured by inert clocks alone. Time, in its truth, is a subjectively known wonder.

Our aim should be to devise means of sharing our perceptions directly with others through the use of new devices. Such a study is found in Radionics and Psychotronics, the frontiers of the future. The second fallacy which the scientismic crafts are advancing for endorsement is the notion that “the object summons the forces” rather than that the forces generate and sustain the object.

Now the “object” of which we speak may be any experimental apparatus, any power device, any material focus of consciousness. What scientists claim is possession of “absolute” objects, those whose functions persist because of their own ability to force the forces out of their own angulations and natural course. What we have asserted is a very respectful and surrendered participation with ordained natural energies, the true energies of the Vastness. Within this structure, we may design, structure, and arrange our devices with ease. Many of these are passive types of machines, whose functions fail whenever they are taken out of cooperative relationship within the ground-veinic angulations we have used. The strongest, most severe form of dynamic is to be found herein alone.

The glow seen on wintery days comes through an angulated window whenever certain conditions are met. Have you ever seen the “blue orgone glow” coming from the outside whenever the snow is freshly fallen? You will only see it powerfully when an incandescent lamp is on within the house. Turn the lamp off and look outside through the window again. The bluish glow is gone.

Only the hard grey of the natural light will be seen. Another effect which requires a small bit of close observation is the manner in which the bluish glow spreads uniformly over the crown of the glass window. The smooth glow will spread out across the pane slowly, after the incandescent bulb is lit. Try the effect several times just to convince yourself that the effect is real. When the lamp is off the glow dissolves away.

The kitchen window I was peering through had a simple, thin-vaned, horizontal venetian blind over it. Immediately above this, and recessed, is a downward aimed incandescent spotlight of low power. This “haphazard” arrangement has a very warm and beautifully attractive artistic sense to it, the very mark of a natural radionic arrangement. When viewing the Veinic Line through this arrangement, the Blackwave effect was enormously magnified. I tested this with the lamp off, and the effect resumed its natural intensity. With the blinds removed, the effect remained again at natural intensity. But with both blinds adjusted and spotlight on, the effect was enormously powerful.

I have been making observations through this natural visuator for quite awhile now, and have much more to say about the effect and its meaning in other directions of technological pursuit. The sudden and powerful awareness of exactly what we are observing herein may offer us a reasonable and strong entry into what Dr. Thomas Henry Moray was actually developing.

The second step in approaching this possibility must invite the work of Mr. Dan Winter in the field of Dirac-wave detections. In a marvelous paper, Mr. Winter described an experiment which he and his associate performed. It is perhaps the most important such experiment to date in the field of Moray research. In this specific experiment, Mr. Winter structured two very modified galena crystal radio detectors. Each of the fine wire “catwhiskers” was prepared to hold a minute piece of carnotite. These crystal detectors were separated and each metered suitably.

What the team discovered was a strange phenomenon of correspondence between each arrangement, though separation was maintained. Whenever any radioactive material is placed in an electrically conductive circuit, several strange effects are noted. These are never mentioned in the finest graduate texts, and they are even rarely mentioned in such excellent experimenter’s texts as by Pohl, if, in fact, they may be found at all any longer.

I believe that certain of the sundry details involving the sudden and mysterious increase of line-conductivity within a radioactively loaded circuit, and the increase of voltage with certain radioactive diodes, the spurious sudden anomalies of high-voltage spikes and the like, all are kept in the rarest of secrets. What Mr. Winter observed was a strange surging correspondence between two separated radioactive detectors.

This should not be, according to classically promoted radioactive “laws”. Radioactivity, for the university people, is an unalterable, immutable condition of certain materials. All radiations are emitted in a regularly consistent spray, according to them. No variations within the ray-field of any radioactive sample, no pulsatory phenomena have ever been reported.