Whenever the source of an effect is immeasurably quenched, then the resultant observation with detectable meters will result in a proportionate diminishment.

What Dr. Moray discovered was not a nuclear battery effect. He was not using the radioactive material in its raw power of explosiveness to generate electricity. His discovery is sublime and glorious in every aspect, and represents a true leap into the unknown. If this is grasped and harnessed now, then we will have achieved our purpose herein.

Dr. Moray had discovered that radioactivity is variable. He discovered that, while using two or more detection apparatuses of the radioactive kind, a signal of very high voltage could be secured rather mysteriously. While searching for the answers to these strange phenomena, he studied Dr. LeBon’s texts rather deeply. In these he found the evidence that radioactivity was not a continuous immutable process at all.

Tesla had offered a reasonable argument for the bombardment theory of radioactivity. If radium was behaving as a simple target material for a very rare and powerful cosmic ray surging, then the saturating surges of these strange particles would have strong “breaks” within them. These would reveal themselves as pulses in any radium sample. No one had detected these “breaks” because radium is so powerful and copious a source of rays and particles. But the key was to examine two detectors, spaced at a distance.

Should we examine Dr. Moray’s schematics, we will find the two-detector coupling clearly drawn. What should occur whenever a “breakline” passes through the device and laboratory? If the breakline is fine enough, then even slight separation between the two detectors should suffice in releasing sudden powerful voltage surges. Why should this occur? We would conjecture that the source energy which produces radioactivity (being external and vast in potential) to cause such mutation, must possess huge potentials and differences of potential.

Should such a wave (in an infinitesimal fraction of time) pass across such a detector arrangement, then extremes of electrical stress will be caused to appear along the line. While the null-zone of this wave passes over the one detector, a deep and sudden drop would evince itself while the other detector would emit more particles into the line.

To re-emphasize our assertion: If Dr. Moray were using radium chloride in his valves, what were their function at all? The power of a nuclear battery is great, but the power Dr. Moray was using through these valves of his was transcendently more potent. Nikola Tesla’s belief in the bombardment theory of radioactivity left us with a second possibility when observing radioactivity.

If Tesla was correct, then fluxions within the bombarding source, those “cosmic rays” of his, would also create fluxions between two or more radioactive materials if measured through a distance. This is exactly what Dan Winter and his associate found. This is exactly what powers Dr. Moray’s devices. The so-called “cosmic rays” of Dr. Tesla are not those which Geiger tubes and any other detector may ever detect: they are transcendingly intense rays, of material virtually as fine as the ether itself.

In Prof. Lebon’s words these are “particles which have undergone such an advanced degree of disintegration that they are nearly etheric in state”. In Dr. Tesla’s words they are “particles not further decomposable”. In essence, we are discovering the very same thing. Should particles of this quasi-etheric nature (particles so rare and copious) pass through certain materials, should they not in fact alter them? Such alterations may never be detected by our own perceptions? Dr. Moray also delved into these studies with altered materials, and Jorge Resines has written an excellent treatise on this subject. But surges within these energies as waves power the Moray device.

What intrigues us now is the passage of these quasi-etheric particles. For if such particles are so fine, might they not actually coalesce and form a virtually “solid” pulsation across a very wide reach of the Vastness? Such tenuously marvelous wavings would pass directly through materials enharmonically, two very different parts of a single extended material might undergo variant strains under such passage. In fact, we are here discussing the transformation of the infinitesimal into the macroscopic. Such waves represent deeper fluxuals within that source of quasi-etheric particles.

Their group variations are detected with two or more separated devices, radioactive detectors, say. But what are these Blackwaves? What do they represent and where are they generated? Surely they must be much, much more than mere electrical stimulations within a cosmic gallery. This we maintain because of the very interactive manner in which we have perceived them directly as described.

When I first experienced them I was immediately struck with the notion that these were the very waves which Dr. Moray was utilizing within his mysterious radiant energy device. Whenever these Blackwaves pass through a region there is great inspiration. Their natural passage is frequent enough, but we need to develop better actuators of this experience. In our researches we have determined various materials to be concentrators and strengtheners of these Blackwaves.

We have also determined very specific geometries which enhance the experiencing of the waves in a most personal sense. It seems that horizontal slats of metal seem to best permit the direct viewing and participation within the revealed “envelope” of the Blackwaves. Any radiant source seems to strengthen their appearance. These include low-power incandescent bulbs, radio receivers, magnets, ferrites and even the intake of certain nutrients.

The direct experiencing of a visual display where sudden “ripples” begin in a watery manner to descend is a glorious sensation. Many of us have known these sensations on black wintery nights when the Blackwaves make their passage naturally. But we hold this experience so rare, so marvelous and so very powerful, that we wish to maintain their beneficial presence in concentrated form.

We have realized that these Blackwaves hold a profound secret within their passages, they seem to be waves of external awarenesses. Whenever we experience them, we suddenly sense a total “meshing” with the External Vastness. This experience is so very potent, so utterly glorious in its ability to transform and strengthen outer-consciousness, that we desire it continuously, even in the daytime; even during the summer months when clarity seems lost in the misty heat. The strengthening of these species of energies, these “dynamidae,” is our aim.