To this end we have designed various devices which concentrate and focus the Black Ray energies in the various modes which will transform us into a clarified and “galactic” awareness. We believe that notables such as Tesla did realize the importance of developing such psychotronic appliances with an aim toward the pure use of new dynamidae. These waves pass right through materials ordinarily.

When specific materials (radioactive in the academic sense) of suitable density and crystal structure (crystal symmetry) intercept them, then strains and alterations occur within these materials. This may explain “metal fatigue” and sudden chaotic events within a room. Persons of suitable sensitivity may actually sense these changes within their own bodies. Others may possess the ability of sensing these tensions between objects.

A simple personal experiment involves the use of two street lamps. Many such energies may be detected by the human organism alone. In particular, one may make use of the “wandering eye” phenomenon in order to detect Blackwave passage between the lamps. I have used this method in determining the telluric energies which saturate buildings and which discharge suddenly from them. These I will report in a future article.

In any event, we may allow our eyes and bodies to become detectors and participator elements within regional happenings. This is a natural source of wisdom; for the very message of these energies must be made personal and inward from the external. Glancing at two separate lamps, one often finds that the eyes are suddenly diverted from one to the other as if forcibly motivated by some naturally desired effort. The sensation is not unlike a very pleasant gliding sensation along a resistance-free path. The eyes then may suddenly shift back to the first lamp, as if the will was permitted to reassert its gaze.

These pulsations of the eyes and inner being reveal a new subjective means of determining “dowseable” energies. The human organism is a detector of these strains and tensions through space. My question remains; what is the source of these regional strains? What is the cause of the potential differences? If we study Dr. Moray’s schematics (Jorge Resines’ booklet on this complex secret is an excellent source of newer designs on the topic) we see not one detector, but two detectors coupled together. What would be the effect of a radioactive wave-passage through a room? Any material capable of revealing the tension would do so, these (in the personal energies) we have discussed.

What if the researcher were examining the electrical characteristics of a suitable circuit? Would that person necessarily discover sudden surges in the lines having no explanation for them? Would such a circuit as Dr. Moray’s detect sudden huge potential changes in the transforming circuitry? Yes.

Why? Because the radioactivity of the radium chloride samples depends upon these sudden etheric-wave pulses which are penetrating our enclosures. These sources of the radioactivity would cause a phenomenon of sudden variation of the total radiant flux coming out of the samples. While these variations may not be detected in single detecting tubes (because of their possible brevity), they would result in huge, sudden events within a double-stage detector because of the deep potential difference across the lines.

Any charge source would then necessarily emit a burst of charge into the line at very high voltage. This is exactly what Dr. Moray had found. His discovery was that there do exist these regional wavings throughout Space. This made the use of a radioactive particle detector more than a mere nuclear battery. The energy contained in these Blackwaves is enormously powerful. It exceeds the output of the radioactive materials by several factors.

What we are using here is the potential difference of the Blackwave passage through the device, coupled with the radioactive material emissions within the line. The detector valves must necessarily be separate though not far apart. Should they be connected in parallel (which they are) then the resultant signal will be a heterodyned signal, capable of being further amplified through feedback circuits and stages.

The detector valves which contain the radium chloride serve merely as detectors of waves which (electrically) are rarely seen within the systems used in laboratories. Certain circuits have revealed sudden anomalous high voltage spikes, which may find their explanations in these considerations.

We may search throughout our memories in order to make correlations with this new information. We need to determine the specific places and structures which may make use of Blackwaves and the potential differences which are vast along their surfaces. We need to determine their periodicity, and this would necessarily begin at Dr. Moray’s determinations. He placed these within the gamma-ray bands, but did not imply that the energies were gamma-rays proper. These Blackwaves are longitudinal waves which ripple through all materials in a “solid” manner, they behave as if they were large surfaces having macrostructures of the order perhaps of a solar system in their length.

Neither must they proceed in perfect sharp processions. They may proceed in a rippling, nearly tenuous, gossamer-like pattern. Shifting to and fro as they drift, these may behave more like fabric than rigid steel. Their visual experience, if in fact they are the same phenomenon, seems to indicate tremendously potent interactive ability. Their function in our own experiencing and mentation patterns cannot be under estimated. They seem to carry with them every aspect of a wondrous, beauteous structuring. They seem to bring in a “crystalliq” elegance whenever powerfully experienced.

I must mention that the effects of these Blackwaves within electrical circuits seems to be the very least functional capability of these strange messengers through the Vastnesses. The etheric theoretics of our last century had visualized such things as these waves. Perhaps we have not really appreciated their true example and integrity because of all the later hostilities aimed at their protagonists. But, we ask, can all experiences be measured and relegated to the inertial view of the Vastness?

The very great wisdom had by certain ancient philosophers exceeds all inert consideration. Aristotle spoke of “atoms of qualities” which we must consider. Whenever I see the Blackwaves in their passages through my experience, I know that our ancestors were indeed, closer to the true nature of the Experience we share than their modern “enlightened” counterparts. Consideration of qualities will lead us out of inertia. These Blackwaves are very minute in pulse length. They are not electrical in nature. They are longitudinal in nature. They occur in “naturally anticipated” pulses, they are not clock-perfect in their appearances.