Dr. Moray’s devices make use of special circuitry which accommodates these many characteristics as he discovered them. The potentials cause extremely great voltages to suddenly appear and disappear. Radioactivity seems to be the best detector of these energies which are not themselves radioactivity proper. The heterodyned signal of electrical charge carriers is the power in Dr. Moray’s devices. This is the self-strengthening energy in his circuits.

The tremendous surge between two detectors as a result of the passage of a Blackwave through the apparatus is simple to comprehend. The temporary cessation of radioactivity in the one sample will result in a huge sudden surge of charge into the deeply neutral Blackwave core between samples. These would be experienced as strong high frequency sparks. This is precisely what Dr. Moray and the others who observed his device did notice repeatedly.

What the Blackwave line represents is a region of mysterious nullifications and intensifications. Either edge along the processional of these “solid” waves generates regions of intense energy. These zones cause what we observe in certain substances: radioactivity. In truth, all materials are radioactive. Dr. LeBon showed this truth in many various ways experimentally, and described them in his texts (“The Evolution of Matter”, “The Evolution of Force”, and “The Evolution of Energy And Matter”).

What he and Tesla claimed was that different materials dissociate into ether through a series of natural transformations. This they do in steps, and manifest these changes by the showers of particulate and wavelike emissions until this total transformation has occurred. All substances were equally radioactive, but certain substances seemed to evidence specific detectable particles in greater rapidity. Whereas radium was a very active element in this dissociating process, aluminum was equally as radioactive under the proper conditions.

Dr. Le Bon revealed certain conditions where zinc and aluminum released far more radioactivity than radium itself. This knowledge leads directly into the study of Radionics, and must include all rays dowseable as well. Wherever the Blackwaves sweep across radioactive materials the particle power-zones appear.

While these may be too short and infrequent of interval to commonly detect, a pair of detectors spaced a distance apart and connected in parallel will evidence a singularly powerful high-frequency heterodyned signal.

We invite all experimenters to attempt reproduction of these paths into the legendary; for surely there awaits the venturers a glorious prize in this noble quest and calling.