Oceanic Mysteries

Although, as we have noted, Nevin, among many others, considers the mystery of fluctuating sea levels and submarine canyons unsolvable, he definitely rejects the idea of large-scale uplifts and subsidences of ocean floors and continental platforms. He says (op. cit., p. 296):

No large-scale crustal deformation that would either greatly reduce or gready increase the capacity of the ocean basins has occurred. The raising of land bridges big enough to span the Atiantic and the dropping of land areas the size of continents down to the ocean floor are refuted.

Yet without doubt, continental borders and oceanic islands which stood thousands of feet above sea level for millions of years are now submerged as much as two miles. There must be a credible explanation!

Solution Must Be Sought Elsewhere

When analyzing theories about the origin of ice ages, we found that the only cause which has been conceived is colder climate. We noted that persistent study of glacial phenomena for more than one hundred years, from Agassiz on, based upon that premise, has utterly failed to produce an acceptable solution. Yet no alternate cause has been suggested.

Regarding the mystery of former lower sea levels, we now find that, as in the case of ice ages, many years of study have failed to produce an acceptable solution. We saw that only three possible causes have been advanced. None has received general acceptance. Are we not forced to conclude, as we did in regard to ice ages, that we must look elsewhere for a solution? If we find the answer to the mystery of lower sea levels, perhaps we will also have discovered at the same time a solution of the phenomenon of ice ages. In the next chapter we shall attain both goals.