The true origin of ice ages

True Solution at Last

Now is it at all fanciful to conclude that here, at long last, is the true solution of the age-old mystery of ice ages? This is the first and only theory which is based upon physical laws, with visible exemplifications in the heavens to verify the basic principles; the first theory not evolved out of pure imagination. Is it not, of all theories, the only one which envisions a chain of circumstances and conditions which could produce snowfalls capable of building inconceivably vast continental ice sheets?

It is a rule of scientific research that any theory, to be tenable, must be supported not only by sound logic but also by definite visible evidence. Even though there may be good logic in a theory, if observational support is lacking, the theory is repudiated. When a theory is sustained both by sound logic and by liberal visible evidence, its truth is acclaimed. In reviewing the many attempts which have been made to account for glacial episodes and for former lower ocean levels, we found that in all instances either the basic concepts were clearly illogical or observational support was lacking.

The fresh theory herein expounded is predicated upon the scientific fact that neither any degree of cold nor any extreme of heat which could have existed on Earth at the times of glaciation was capable of raising to the skies the incredibly vast amount of water involved in an ice age. The inescapable conclusion is that the water must have been primordial and must have been circling the Earth since it was hurled aloft during formative incandescent eras. This conclusion is not only based upon sound scientific logic but is firmly and decisively supported by observational evidence, both on Earth and in the skies.

Not the least convincing item of supporting logic in the theory is the explanation it gives of how and why ocean level in the past could have been 10,000 or 12,000 feet lower than it is now; also, how ocean waters, amazingly, have been augmented even very recently, geologically speaking, as is so definitely indicated by abundant evidence.

The writer fully realizes that some critics, reluctant to abandon old, sacred teachings, will hesitate to accept this new and unorthodox theory; but if they will entertain it tolerantly while reviewing the studies of Coleman, Wright, Lyell, Croll, Geikie, Kuenan, Zeuner, Flint, Shepard, Daly and countless other geologists, oceanographers and other scientists, they will be amazed at how definitely and convincingly the theory explains many mystifying phenomena which have baffled those eminent gende-men.

Let us now consider a few of those mysteries.