So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.–Genesis 1:27.

Astrology & the Ductless GlandsIn the study of the origin of man and his prehistoric state we are constantly stumbling against unexplained mysteries and especially when we read from the materialistic viewpoint in the Old Testament, which is the most wonderful history of man. We are then forced to scale the most formidable rocks of doubt. When we read between the lines, however, or view the past with an open mind then this book of Genesis is a mine filled with gems of the rarest kind.

In THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION we are taught that the world is divided into seven different states of consciousness. Beginning with the densest we have the physical matter of which man’s physical body is made. Although it may not be visible to the physical senses yet we know and have positive proof that there is something within and about us of a subtle nature, finer than our physical yet interpenetrating it, which we cannot see even though we feel it. Electricity is a force which man can feel but cannot see. He knows that the atmosphere exists yet he cannot see it. And so we may sense and know that this subtle rarified life exists. We view the storm and we feel its force. We can see the raindrops as they descend to earth, and we are told by the scientists that this rain is drawn up by evaporation, causing the moisture in the clouds. We know that the wind blows; we feel its refreshing influence. Science has a reason for all these changes and explains these atmospheric phenomena from materialistic investigations.

The occultist explains these phenomena from the higher or spiritual viewpoint by telling the scientists that the great invisible regions from which the winds come are peopled with higher intelligences and that great spirits control the elements; that they have beings who carry out their orders; for instance, the spirit of water has its workers, the undines; the spirit controlling the winds works through the sylphs. So we have the elements which man must recognize as existing, all with their invisible leaders and workers who exist in God’s great universe, as well as poor materialistic man who denies everything which he cannot see with his physical eyes, and who when he is asked to explain these great mysteries cannot do so.

Now, as stated before, THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION recognizes seven different worlds. What shall we call them? Not matter, for we can only recognize as matter what man can see with his physical sight. But there are six higher states of consciousness; let us call them by the names which were given to Max Heindel by the great beings who saw fit to entrust him with this knowledge: the physical world, the desire world, the world of thought, the world of life spirit, the world of virgin spirits, and the world of God. Now, these are only names and they do not explain the conditions of these different states. Let us take for illustration a teakettle filled with water. if we place this kettle of water upon a cake of ice the water will become hardened and in a little while we hall have ice. But let us place this same teakettle of ice on a hot stove and in a short time the ice melts and we have steam which disappears into the atmosphere and is lost to the visible sight. Where has it gone? Some place where the incredulous eyes of the materialist cannot follow, but the occultist can trace it. He knows that nothing in God’s universe is lost.

Man, who is God’s most perfected work, is composed of every element found in these seven great worlds. Man as we find him today with his wonderfully developed and complex mind and body was not made, as many misread the first chapter of Genesis, out of clay and in one day, but his present stage is the outcome of ages and ages of growth. We follow him as he enters the arena of life as a virgin spirit, a thought, a spark from the divine Father, hurled into space with a force such as God alone can send. This thought-form has its birth in a world of virgin spirits where the divine flame commences its long pilgrimage through matter, gathering the material from each world, denser and denser, working its way through the mineral, the vegetable, the animal, and then into the human stage. Within this divine spark are enfolded all the potentialities of the divine Father. As a thought of a building which is generated by a man gradually takes form within his mind, and as he puts his plans upon paper and straightway procures material wherewith the building is to be erected, so was God’s thought, the spark which was to become man, also made manifest, and we find it today expressing in a body for which David praised God in the 139th Psalm, saying, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Paracelsus says, “The physical body itself is the greatest of mysteries because in it are contained in a condensed, solidified, and corporeal state the very essences which go to make up the substance of the spiritual man, and this is the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone.”

There are mysteries within this human temple which man is unable to solve (which have baffled material science), and for the solution of which many lives have been sacrificed, both of the human and the animal kingdom. The vivisectors have jeopardized their very souls in their effort to solve these mysteries. Animals have been put through the most excruciating suffering by science in its endeavor to wrest these secrets from God. But material science can go just so far when it finds itself against a wall which its instruments and its scientific minds cannot penetrate and it is helpless. There is but one tool, which it cannot or will not recognize, and which alone will penetrate or break through, and that is THE HUMAN SPIRIT. The trained seer alone has access to the higher regions which, unfortunately, the materialist, because he cannot be given material proof, will not recognize. We must, however, give him credit for having accomplished wonders in his struggle to master and understand human ills. Materia medica has accomplished wonderful things.

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