The Bible is Not a Scientific Textbook

I concede: there is no way around the impediment. If I would try to win my case by means of the many Bible texts that take in their message the attendant phenomena “as is”, or would present poetical utterances as scientific endorsements, then I would go beyond my warrant in investigative astronomical discourse. As did, e.g. St. Boniface, who in 748 A.D. complained to Pope Zacharias that Abbot Virgilius of Salzburg believed in the existence of antipodes.95) Should I, with him, read Scripture as a vademecum then I must admit that he and the few still remaining “flat earth” theorists have a point. Even Mother Gea’s sphericity I cannot convincingly deduce from the inspired text. We should, however not debase the Bible to an encyclopedia of all this-worldly knowledge. I may as well try to extract ethics from Euclid’s Elements.

To get a hearing from the side of secular science I have to come with observable factual phenomena. And, alas, the same counts for the most solid creationist believers in an infallible Bible. They have been from earliest childhood so through and through Copernically brainwashed that it is virtually impossible to make them see that their childlike acceptance of Genesis 1:11-13 and 20-31 is without rhyme or reason when compared with their understanding of Genesis 1:1-19. Which “understanding” is not child-like at all, but flies in the face of what a first and faithful simple reading impresses on a mind not already “knowing” better!

In short: the tenor of Holy Writ is, all its phenomenalism granted, basically geostatic, I maintain. Agreed: to say this can – and will! – by judged as an example of credulous and infantile gullibility. Just let secularists and theologians present me with rock-hard evidence that such is the case. Then I shall offer my peccavi – but not earlier! And going two miles with them instead of one: a simple manner to obtain such evidence I have already suggested.