Some Desiderata Not to be Overlooked

In the same manner, thus the reasoning goes, because of the Earth’s orbital motion telescopes must be tilted forward, with the result that the direction in which we observe any star will be slightly displaced from its geometric position. And the velocity of light being about ten thousand times that of the Earth, a simple calculation will tell us what the angle of the tilt will be, accurately now 20″496. Or to say it otherwise: this angle of 20″496 is subtended by the semimajor axis of the tiny imaginary orbit in which we should see all stars circling in the source of a year. This is what the astronomers observe. Q.E.D.: the Earth goes around the Sun, and aberration is caused by our 30 km/sec velocity.

That we have an invalid modus ponendo ponens conclusion here, I have already demonstrated. Starting from Einstein’s point of view we may even go further. It is twenty of the one or a score of the other whether we explain aberration by means of us moving relative to the stars, or the stars moving relative to us. Agreed – but what if we take the latter of these “either-or” models seriously?

The physical data then staring the astronomer in the face are, I agree, staggering. Seen from the ruling point of view, that is. However, should the theoretical context of “flat”, i.e. three-dimensional space have to be reinstated in case Einstein’s downfall will abolish his space-tirne continuum, then this “either-or” will fall with it. For then the logically and ergo kinematically binding modus tollendo tollens Boscovich reasoning compels us to conclude that stellar aberration is caused by stellar motion. Unless – as already mentioned – we succeed in demolishing the disproofs for the existence of a “tied aether” and opt for the ad hoc of a spaces-orbiting-in-or-around-spaces scheme after the style of Stokes and his present-day followers.