The Fancy Foundations in the Beyond

To conclude: the choice between the Universe as seen by men arrogating to themselves a metaphysical position and as seen by Him, Who claims to be its Creator, I find not difficult to make. Ever-changing human confabulations consistently dismissing former views as short-sighted after new discoveries – how can anybody trust those chancy guesses as scientific truth? Especially since those guesses subtly but steadily have been used to erode mankind’s inborn conviction of a mysterious meaning behind, beyond, and above our mortal life? That erosion has now reduced us to blobs of plasmatic matter, somehow having become sentient during the senseless aftermath of a Big Bang. Copernicus may not have foreseen the consequences of his theoretical dethronement of the Earth. But where is the historian who denies that the acceptance of Galileo’s folly, its foundation laid by the Italian Renaissance preceding it, has not totally changed the world-view of countless millions? And who does not realize that hence its demise might well cause many humans to re-assess their humanity as a precious gift with a glorious future in an age to come?