Why Impossible?

Lastly, with reference to St. Paul’s “twinkling of an eye” an up-to-date item, reminiscent of such a Divine instantaneous “Let there be” – and there is and there are! Secularist confabulators rhapsodize about their Big Bang of a dozen or so billion years ago as if it has been as undoubtedly factual as last year’s pyrotechnics on the Queen’s birthday. Well, that certainty these brethren may do well to take with grains of salt. According to a news clipping in the December 1987 Creation Research Society Quarterly Alan Guth, professor of astrophysics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is saying that the Universe expanded to its present size and structure of stars and galaxies, not in ten to twenty billion years as previously claimed almost dogmatically. Guth says “the whole process lasted less than a second.”

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