“Enel” in his book on Therapeutic Radiesthesia dealt at some length with the question of the use of colours for diagnosis and treatment. He gave quite a new method of finding one’s personal colour which seems to depend on the length of the pendulum thread or string. These lengths vary between white, which is the greatest length, and black which is the shortest. From top downwards the colours are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, in fact the colours of the spectrum with white at one end and black at the other, not in any way connected with the Mager Rosette. The author stated that the pendulum should be calibrated with the help of coloured ribbons and the colour of the individual found as follows. Hold the pendulum over the left hand and, palm upwards, then adjust the length of the thread until the pendulum gyrates clockwise, the mark on the string should then give the colour.

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