Eager to begin, Tesla patiently waited for the messengers to call. Had he known more of the world around him, however, he would have stopped waiting. Shortly after Tesla’s private demonstrations were concluded, Morgan’s agent approached Tesla with a “business proposition”. The bribe being sizable, contracts would have placed Morgan in control of Tesla’s new system. Tesla laughed at the pale little Mr. Brown in his pinching-tight tails, informing him that he himself was already a millionaire. Why should he need such an affiliation at all? He was escorted very graciously by the amused Tesla.

While dining in the Waldorf several hours later, a rude interruption informed him that his laboratories were ablaze. The connection between his refusal to bow and the flames which now reached skyward was not made until all was consumed. That night, the world changed completely for Nikola Tesla. He lost everything of his past. Everything. The totality of his technological achievements were burned into vapor. Books, priceless souvenirs, delicate equipment, patents, models, drawings, new pieces of apparatus. Everything was burned. He read the message well.

There was a two week period where he simply vanished. No one could find him. Kolman Czito, his trusted technical foreman and machinist feared for Tesla’s life. Katherine Underwood Johnson was beside herself with anguish. She was the wife of a close friend, the only real love of Tesla’s life. The fire was meant to kill. It was a message as clear as anyone would need. The assassination attempt failed to kill the intended victim. It certainly did not kill his dreams.

Wherever he was for those two weeks, the dreams were with him. But a part of Nikola Tesla died in the fire. It was the part which was tied to the past. His eyes on the future, Tesla developed his discovery into a major technology which the world seems to have forgotten. Of all those who prayed and wept over Tesla’s disappearance, one person was no longer concerned. Never again would Anne need to be troubled by the thought of Nikola Tesla. His love was already sealed. Tesla recovered from the flames.

His subsequent discoveries and inventions surpassed his former works for forty more years; special radiation projectors, self-acting heat engines, power transmitters, remote control and robotics, the “World Broadcast System”, Beam Broadcast transmitters, “aetheric reactors and aetheric engines”, cosmic ray motors, psychotronic television: the list of astounding inventions is truly awe-inspiring. Tesla demonstrated each of these systems for a select group of witnesses.

Furthermore, despite rumors of his public and scientific demise, Tesla maintained two penthouse suites atop the Hotel New Yorker in a time when such extravagance was otherwise unobtainable. One of these suites was converted into a complete radio laboratory, several accoutrements of which having been retrieved by antique radio enthusiasts. Tesla was an indefatigable researcher.

Indeed, the biography of Nikola Tesla is replete with truly mysterious designs and developments. But these are parts of his biography which must be told in other volumes…