EARTH ENERGY & VOCAL RADIO: Nathan Stubblefield

Natural observations in systems lead to unexpected, theory-busting discoveries. Such an effect demonstrates that an articulate quasi-intelligent energy permeates the natural environment of which electricity is a minor part. The natural phenomenon, which is responsible for this ability, is truly remarkable … nothing short of the miraculous. In its realm, we see that nature is suffused with an almost biological organization, which includes the supposed inert world of geology. This would be equivalent to acknowledging that geological structure is suffused with a neurological sensitivity; a thing which academic science is neither prepared nor equipped to endorse.

Nevertheless, different aspects of this ground sensitivity were discovered and differently implemented throughout the following years. T.H. Moray (1935) also discovered long-range articulate tuning through the ground from a fixed single site. His “radiant energy listening device” permitted him to scan a tract of land and actually eavesdrop on distant conversations and sounds through earphones. This device did not implement a microphone.

The Moray Listening Device used a grounded rod and special large germanium detector. How does a stationary tuner sweep across land and pinpoint sound sources? Stanley Rogers (1932) discovered the same long-range scanning effect when, using a radionic tuner for mineral detection, he found it possible to sweep a field or meadow with a variable capacitor. Adjustments on these grounded tuners could sweep across land, revealing and mapping every mineral contour. Dr. R. Drown (1951) independently developed a compact device, which could sweep, scan, and delve through subterranean grounds for the specific purpose of ore detection. This device permitted photographic detection of ores swept through the ground, isolating specifically sought mineral deposits.

The Stubblefield pith ball pendulum represents a leap in ground power technology. It is an engine, which operates without electrical transformations at all: a ground powered “auric” engine.


Two more mysteries have lingered from this latter period of invention in the Stubblefield biography. The nature of each reveals the extent to which he had developed and advanced his new earth power technology. Nathan continued to pursue his experiments, but little was seen of him for long time periods. Alone and tired, Nathan stopped working his farm completely.

Later visitors felt sorry for Nathan, now aged and abandoned by his wife and children. Several of the town’s many charitable ladies decided to take him some food. On one occasion, they arrived at his farm to find the ground “ablaze with light … Like pure sunlight was coming right up out of the hillside”.

Later investigators entered his land area and found heavy wires leading from the roots of trees. To these wires were attached small arc lamps, hung in the trees. These were long extinguished. They imagined this to be the explanation of his hillside sunlight. Their hasty analysis proved problematic from stories which witnesses report.

The warm and diffuse sunlight, which came from the ground itself around his house, was not localized in specific lamps. The light came from the ground, not from the trees as before… “a whole hillside that would blossom with light” … “lit up like daytime”. These observations indicate that Stubblefield had managed indeed the direct conversion of earth energy to light and warmth. This would be acceptable, were Mr. Stubblefield simply working on a newer means of drawing electricity from the ground to light small arc-lamps; a feat which he had accomplished earlier. But these kind persons could never find any evidence of arc-lighting or any other form of known lighting anywhere near the area. In their own words “the light seemed to come out from the ground itself’.

In addition to the ground sunlight effect, many heard very loud and unfamiliar noises coming from the whole area surrounding his cabin. What could this be? Had he managed to directly transduce the natural impulses of the ground energy into audio?

His own last claim, made two weeks before he passed away was made to a kind neighbor: “The past is nothing. I have perfected now the greatest invention the world has ever known…! have taken light from the air and earth … as I did sound”.


I was the quite fortunate recipient of an unexpected personal letter while writing my original treatise on Nathan Stubblefield. It was told by a gentleman who received the account through a man who witnessed the following. Neighbors had not seen Nathan for several days. As they were worried about his health, they attempted to call on him. The lock was secured from the inside. It was a lonely, cold, and rainy March day when old friends and neighbors broke the lock on Nathan’s cabin and entered. He had passed away in his bed, the probable victim of malnutrition and fatigue. They all noticed that the interior of the cabin was “toasty warm”, as if heated by a strong fire. Moved to locate the source of this heat, town officials found “two highly polished metal mirrors which faced each other, radiating a very great heat in rippling waves”. Now this, I must say, is a truly great discovery and last mystery. It fulfills what Nathan reported in his last testimony.

Nathan’s deepest confidence was in those kind and compassionate people who continued to seek him out with love and concern to his last days. Abandoned by all, he wished one of his dearest neighbors to write a biography. Perhaps he wished to explain his life, an apology for all his ways. He said, “I have lived fifty years ahead of everybody else”. While often sounding inspirational, these are words of deepest sorrow.

To live with a vision of the future is to experience the surprising, often disappointing rejection and resistance of all who surround. Some said he was incapable of loving others. But … it was love, his love, which coaxed the living sunshine out of hard, rocky ground … the resounding waves of an eternal subterranean sea of energy.