Associates reviled his thoughts and rejected his analysis of the problem. But the military needed answers. If Dr. Brown could bring them closer to their weapons goal, his explanations would take precedent. Acquiring the complete attention and respect of very highest military specialists, he was asked to formally address their small and elite corps.

Dr. Brown very casually described what he strongly believed was happening, citing his own work and familiarity with such phenomena. While his own experimental apparatus never produced spatial distortions of this extreme intensity and focus, he nevertheless observed similar effects, which had power to move matter. Having no conventional electrical explanation, the only resolution was found in the Einsteinian proposals concerning electrical and gravitational force unity.

Einstein had already predicted that intense gravitational fields would produce optical blackouts. But his theory involved the huge masses of collapsing stars. Total blackout phenomena are theoretically achieved only when extremely dense matter is compressed or pinched in stars, producing black holes. Masses alone could not be whirled into producing the intense effect, which intense electrical impulses had seemingly achieved. But was it a true black hole effect, or something entirely distinct?

Einstein’s work toward unifying electrical and gravitational fields through space geometries never found completion on paper. But the Naval experiment had proven the essential correctness of his thoughts on the topic. Perhaps tiny black hole phenomena might have been achieved in miniature when stimulated by intense electrical fields. This mystifying effect was the most intense electrogravitic interaction purposely, though accidentally, ever produced in technical history. The military assembly was absolutely in awe.

Dr. Brown continued to describe what was occurring in and around the arc channel. The channel itself was producing its own “hard” vacuum in stages. Though occurring in atmospheric pressure, the explosive force of the plasma arc had thrust all atmospheric gases out of the arc in its first few microseconds of formation. The full force of the blast was now occurring across a vacuum dielectric. The vacuum actually hindered the complete discharge of the capacitor bank for a few more microseconds, allowing the potential to build beyond those effects observed in weak lightning channels.

It was in a sudden avalanche that the entire discharge occurred across this vacuum space, warping space through an electrogravitic interaction. The interaction was directly related to the voltages, the dielectric volume, and the brevity of the impulse. The normal density of inertial space was being instantaneously pierced, the arc literally “punching a hole” through the continuum. The explosive vacuum arc set the stage for “uncommon” observations. Surrounding the intense electrical impulse, space itself was collapsing; space and everything within that space. The strange blackout effect would be expected if all available light was being bent into the arc channel. Incapable of escaping the distortion of space, the blackout effect spread outward. Provided the distortion was intense enough, a specific large volume of space would be “drawn” in toward the arc channel. The interaction took a few microseconds to effect. There was no escaping its presence.

More volumes of available light would vanish into that growing distortion until a maximum blackout volume manifested itself. Walls could not stop the effect because it was not a radiance, not a radiant electrical phenomenon. Space itself was literally being “warped” by the arc discharge. Dr. Brown cited instances when extremely intense lightning channels appeared “black” to witnesses. The phenomenon had also been photographed by professional researchers. Each had erroneously assumed the effect to be a bleaching action; one, which was both ocular and photochemical. No one recognized the real significance of what had been recorded on these photographic plates.

Only one researcher successfully glimpsed and accurately identified the possible cause of these blackout effects.

George Piggot mentioned the mysterious “black band” which appeared around his highly charged suspended metal marbles. Light seemed to disappear into these zones. But it was Nikola Tesla, whose forgotten and ignored testimony on the perceptual effects of high voltage electrical systems took first place. Tesla produced such intense electrical arcs that the same strange blackout effects were repeatedly observed. In the case of Tesla’s famed Colorado Springs Experiments, the blackout effect produced a lingering state, which Tesla accurately described as a perceptual-spatial distortion.

Noted in his published diary, the results followed the intense activity of his Magnifying Transformer. Visual distortions, clarifications, black shadows, black streamers, black waves, lingered for hours all around his plateau laboratory, whereby he stated that:

“These phenomena are so striking that they cannot be satisfactorily explained by any plausible hypothesis, and I am led to believe that possibly the strong electrification of the air, which is often noted to an extraordinary degree, may be more or less responsible for their occurrence.”

Dr. Brown suggested that space had been warped to a degree where all the available light had been completely refracted into the channel of distortion. No other force symmetry could have effected this manifestation. Furthermore, the blackout would produce various effects in “successive stages”. At weak levels, one could maintain the blackout effect without noticing any effects on nearby matter. There would be an intensity at which significant “modifications” of matter would be noticed. These would include internal material strains and spontaneous electrical discharges. Provided the blackout effect was “slow enough”, these material modifications could tear matter apart in an explosion of electrical brilliance.

With increasing arc intensities, a gradual series of space distorting effects would be expected. Dematerializations would follow light disappearances. Matter so significantly distorted, would follow the ever-extinguishing light into the arc. This would occur only if the discharge was “quick” enough to strain a given volume of mass. The tools, which had disappeared, were too short for such explosive displays to be observed.

Dr. Brown confirmed that the welding arc, used in the Naval welding facility, had reached the theoretical intensity where nearby matter was being drawn into the arc at a rapid enough speed to vanish. Mere vaporization was a possible “escape route” for the materials, for the steel tools. But the problem was compounded by the absence of metal trace gases after the effect. If metal tools were vaporized, one would expect some trace of this in the site atmosphere after the event. But there were no detectable vaporization products in the chamber following the blackout. This inferred that, were the metals vaporized, they had been rapidly drawn into the space warp. No by-products. Complete dematerialization!

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