The experiment had horrible side effects. Each exposed crewmember was neurologically damaged beyond all hope of healing. Having become known as the “Philadelphia” experiment, it remains but one highly classified chapter in military science. What we know of this event has come through significant and credible sources. The disastrous results of this experiment were not easily forgotten. It has been “presumed” that the NRL relinquished these developments. Others offer more striking evidence that none of these systems have escaped continual examination.


Having subsequently lost his security clearance, and being retired from active service on a small pension had its advantages. By 1944, those who sought him found him working as a consultant on radar systems for Lockheed. Radar, the leading conventional postwar science responsible for saving lives and virtually winning the war, was a safe and moral place to land. Playing it “conventional” after the war meant earning a steady income. Nevertheless, but his dream of spaceflight continued weaving its lovely and intricate patterns through his mind. Dr. Brown was well aware of the horrid outcomes obtained in Project Rainbow. Though his moral obligations were fulfilled in these regards, he could not recall the Project without the deepest sadness. The designers were simply not equipped to properly engage the power and fabric of space in such a cavalier manner. His examination of their proposals revealed the numerous flaws in their configuration. It was amazing to him that no one had even considered the diffractive effect of the hulls when raising the warp. Yet, had he been actively involved in the Project, his superiors would have demanded complete cooperation in deploying the weapons aspect of the warp phenomenon.

There had been ramifications of the NRL experimental nightmare, which disturbed his own plans for the future. For a time he very well imagined that spacewarp drive was deadly. If used in the intensities demanded by his own calculations, the unshielded effects would do to a flight crew exactly what it did to the men of the USS Eldridge. For a time it seemed that spacewarp would kill voyagers if employed in aviation or space travel.

Patient study and intuitive vision finally brought forth a solution to the deadly problem. The answer was contained in considering the nature of dielectrics. Dielectrics of proper composition could guide the mobile spacewarp in a smooth and confined flow. Unlike the NRL, tests on these notions would require sufficient investigations prior to deployment. His crushing suspended thoughts on the wonderful vision of his childhood finally returned with renewed strength. Never would he reveal it to those in the NRL. He knew how to shape and isolate the warp with absolute safety.

The War was over. And his own war was over. Once again, the dream sea began surging in human minds. The skies deepened and people began seeing things, new things, in the deep blue outer reaches. A sudden wave of reports flooded the media with observations of “flying discs”. Saucers. The vague and elusive forms traveled at speeds, which rivaled every known military aircraft. As with the mystery aeroships and ghost-rockets, these aerial sightings remained true to the archetypal pattern of manifestations. Their first appearances were vague and dreamy, cloudy and indistinct. With time, their forms seemed to solidify and acquire sharply detailed surface features.

Each dream manifestation in the historical series brought totally new behaviors to human attention. Saucers were no different. By their very shape and activity they comprised an utterly exotic and unexpected event. Lights, search beacons, colors, flashings, color changes, aerial caprices, right-angle turns, sudden disappearances, simultaneous radar visibility and visual invisibility … the flying saucers exhibited their new behaviors as each previous aerial dream display had done.

Their appearance came on the tail of the war in Europe, pilots reporting strange “foo fighters” and mysterious “fireballs”. While some investigators cited the development of special electrically activated robot aircraft in Nazi Germany, most could not explain the incredible variety of flying saucer sightings in every other part of the world.

Having ability to out-maneuver the best Allied bombers, these strangely animated objects were more than a public curiosity by this point in time. World national security being the principle theme of every government, flying saucers were military “objectives”. Every aspect of these flying craft was carefully scrutinized. Who were they? Were they a private group of highly advanced engineers? A maverick or rogue community of technologists at war with the world of nations? Were they aliens? If aliens, then which planet? What were their motives? Why were they playing with military facilities in such a nonchalant and arrogant manner?

Memos, reports, flaps, and aerial skirmishes. News releases, press releases, cover stories, cover-ups. Diversions, debunkers. Files exist, files do not exist. Crafts retrieved, crafts shot down, crafts do not exist, bodies retrieved. Hangars, weather balloons, radar balloons … the amusing charades yet continue. While flying saucers behaved in comic fashion, the Air Force was burning the sky down. Helpless. Powerless. While attempting to unravel the puzzle and appear in total control, the simultaneous juggling act of desperate data acquisition, cover-ups, and denials proved to be a far more entertaining theater than the saucers themselves.

The ridiculous spectacle of earthly power and dominion in the act of square dancing at high speed was a rich amusement of derision. The intended effect. The dramatic and focused concern of military agencies for these flying saucers betrayed a singular impotence. A demand for control. Power, the deception of control and dominations, was being mocked by a playful energy, which analysts yet do not recognize.

Nevertheless, the obvious superiority of flying saucer crafts, if they were indeed crafts, left military superiors at a total loss. How did they fly? How were they able to execute inertia-defying maneuvers without shearing to pieces? How were they able to accelerate complete out of visual contact in a millisecond without incinerating? What was their mode of propulsion? What was their metallurgy?

Every vaguely related terrestrial saucer technology was probed. Piecing through the Patent Registry, the military people were directed by experts to examine those propulsion devices, which, though deigned “impossible” by major aircraft corporations, nevertheless actually worked.

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