Supplied with long electrical impulses of 50 Kilovolts electrostatic potential, the discs raced around the sixty-foot circumference, achieving an angular velocity of nearly twenty feet per second! These discs operated on pure spacewarp power. They were dragged along with the distorted space, which they electrically projected.

In quick steps, he had increased both the size and speed of these tethered discoid capacitors. The discs were now three feet in diameter, running around a fifty-foot course at higher speeds. Their movement was swift and silent, a military dream. These experiments had been classified by NRL examiners who had previously come to observe his progress. Classified, but not accepted … a strange contradiction!

The NRL was interested, but something in their manner alerted Dr. Brown to some deeper motive. What really was it that brought them here? And why here and now? Could it be that their interest was in pursuing some other feature of his work? He nevertheless continued the dialogue. The discoidal aerofoil was to be equipped with several propulsion systems. Each would be engaged with each stage of the aerial ascent. Dr. Brown’s ion rockets were designed to provide initial lift for his crafts, while generating enough electrical field strength to power the gravitator cluster.

At orbital heights, the entire craft would achieve stable gravitator function, ion engines being disengaged. The ion rocket could be used for controlled re-entry after a space flight reached home. This plan not only sounded professionally impressive, its demonstration was impressive. Dr. Brown had succeeded in achieving the self-sustained flight of his aerofoil models without much NRL assistance. His frugal use of their recent funding was not wasted. They asked how he proposed to shield the crew from the possibly deadly aspects of the warp drive. And this is when he stopped sharing. For now he recognized their true motive for both reinstating his security clearance, funding his research, and for now being in his facility.

In his private researches, Dr. Brown discovered that dielectric material could be molded to any specification. Any geometry could be accommodated. In these secrets, he had encrypted his elegant solution to the problem of isolating space warps from crewmembers. The NRL experts desired this information. This is why they were there.

He attempted to engage and elude them now, to obtain his own information. The behavioral patterns and actions of one’s opponents betray their intentions, acquisitions, and fund of knowledge. Dr. Brown watched them closer now. He demonstrated his devices repeatedly for them. Now, the NRL was drawing their examination to a close. Suddenly, after all they had heard and seen, none agreed that the effect was “truly electrogravitic” in nature. This was designed to “throw him off’ the trail which he was pursuing.

Typically, NRL examiners accused Dr. Brown of “poor science”, stating that his effect was produced by “nothing more” than a high voltage ionic wind emitted from the gravitator poles. The gravitators would therefore be useless in space environments. This decoy, this derision, was the commonly employed tactic of those who wish to conceal. In this case, the NRL wished to conceal the fact that they had already perfected the warp drive engines. Dr. Brown knew exactly what they were doing in his laboratory now. They were desperate. They needed a piece of information, which he alone had. What was it though?

The frail hearted would have been dejected, their morale destroyed. Believing the “rumor” of their own failure, in the mouth of military “experts”, such individuals had been known to drop their work completely. The mind game. Nations turn in upon the wellsprings of their own creativity, secluding discovery to a cloistered elite. The power game. On behalf of whom? The old money. Who are they? The old families remain anonymous. The nouveau riche are pushed to the foreground.

The actions and behavior of the NRL told him everything he needed to know. One or two more surprises would give him a piece of information, which he now desired. He provoked them with an impromptu demonstration. It was a wonderful, but old experiment. He had performed this test the very day after he discovered the thrusting effect in his Zanesville garage as a child. In true scientific bravado, Dr. Brown completely submerged his gravitators in oil. The oil-submerged devices again outperformed their own atmospheric tests! He was enthralled at this last face-to-face “victory”. This meant that, with increasing altitude, the gravitators would take an increasing role in overall thrust! He thanked them for their “original” objections.

For the meanwhile, his critics were silenced … but not thrilled at the findings. This response was shockingly conspicuous. They had already seen such demonstrations elsewhere, had they? But, by whom? And when? It was clear that they had already reached this technological plateau. Quite obviously, these examiners were not “now” interested in his system, because they were never really interested in his system from the start. They had already taken the original project beyond the bounds which he was displaying for them, having developed superior thrusters of their own.

The examiners were there specifically to discover whether or not his system incorporated a “warp shield”. It was simple. They knew that his knowledge of the Rainbow experiment was the leading theme. They knew his awareness of their failure. He knew the dangers of the warp. He knew their failure to shield from its deadly effect. Yet, here he was developing a spacewarp drive. No one with his expertise would undertake such an experiment. There would be no future in it at a certain point in the developmental stage. Hence, himself quite aware of the potential dangers of deploying a large-scale warp drive, he had to have solved the “shielding problem”.

This was the very problem, which their “experts” had originally, and disastrously failed to produce in Philadelphia. Therefore, they had approached and “caressed” him for favors. Technological answers to a new project, one in which he would never playa part. It was also obvious that the internal functions of the NRL had become the property of post-war trusts. The chronological facts and behavior of NRL examiners yet remain part of the historical record.

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