The remarkably effective super-guns of Dr. Gerald Bull were already proving that an inexpensive means for launching unmanned commercial payloads, satellites and scientific instruments, was available and ready to meet customer demands. How they pursued Dr. Bull, provoking him to seek investors elsewhere, is another matter of the historical record. Each of these dreams was methodically eradicated, not because they were “ineffectual”, but because other powers and dominions demanded total control of space. It is amusing, and pathetic to recognize how ignorance best blinds those who promote it. The industrial-military complex now considers themselves in possession of the “only means for achieving space”. Remember, however, Dr. Brown did not design an expensive and inaccessible system. Since that time, others received viable patents for devices, which demonstrate modifications of gravitation (Wallace).


Between the years 1958 and 1962, Brown acted as consultant in a number of corporate ventures. Years after being declined by the NRL, Tom Brown was yet considered “too knowledgeable to be left alone”. Government investigators continually infiltrated his demonstrations and meetings with deliberate intent. The infiltrators each observed his experimental work, accurately reporting what they saw to their superiors.

He continually claimed that his electrogravitic drive system would power ships to the stars, representing his system to potential buyers and developers. It seemed that all had fallen victim to some mass lethargy with the exception of himself and a few other inventors. Investors, on the other hand, were simply incapable of entering sound business ventures any longer. They had not the zeal and adventure of their forefathers who made their financial principle on new technology. Those originators of dynasties placed money on the technology by which America’s steely face was forged. These younger inheritors seemed intent only on amassing and securing their capital.

Brown retired, but privately continued his research for the remainder of his life. It seemed that his dream of flying off into space was going to fall to others. He therefore decided to serve the future best, by supplying an adequate fund of knowledge for future developers and dreamers. His later experimental work intended to prove the Unified Field Theory by showing that connections exist between electrical and gravitational forces.

Years before, he had discovered that electrified carbon resistances and dielectric masses emitted spurious noise signals. These noise signals were correlated with cosmic changes. Dr. Brown discovered that specific rocks, notably granites and basalts, manifested strangely “spontaneous voltages”. Dr. Brown claimed that sudden gravitational fluctuations were being transformed into electrostatic charges when encountering special materials. They were named “petro-voltaic” charges, the phenomenon referred to as “petro-electricity”.

These petro-voltaic charges could be measured, their outputs having sizable strengths. In very specific silicates, these outputs were significant. Here was evidence of a reaction process in which space transient warps were stimulating electrical generation! A large enough arrangement of the proper rock could be an eternal generator of gravito-electricity.

Dr. Brown recalled the work of Dr. Charles Brush, the American physical chemist who investigated gravitational phenomena during the Victorian Era. Dr. Brush claimed that certain rocks actually fell “slower” than other materials by a slight, but significant degree. On further examination, Dr. Brush found that these rocks were possessed of a peculiar “excess heat”.

Dr. Brown obtained samples of these rocks, Lintz Basalts, finding that they indeed gave very high spontaneous voltages when instrumented. Wire contacts touched the materials on their surface, yielding several millivolts. The rocks could be sliced, and placed in multiple contacts to produce a net voltage, which was sizable. Rock batteries! Dr. Brown’s petro-voltaic effect produced nearly one volt with larger specimens.

Rock voltages are strangely current free, increasing their output at 6 PM each evening and decreasing at 7 AM each day. The effective output increased with increasing elevation, but lost the smooth tracings which strip-recorders revealed for rock specimens measured on the ground. Others duplicated and corroborated these findings with surprising results (Hodowanec). When certain researchers traveled to the Andes to test Brown’s claims, they received up to 1.8-volt surges from a single rock specimen! Brown discovered that increased graphite content in the rocks also increased the output voltage: a reminder of his findings with carbon resistors.

Voltages derived from rock specimens contained two electrical components. The first, a steady DC bias, contained a second superimposed fluctuating signal. This latter signal varied with solar-lunar conditions, positions, and configurations. Minute electrical bursts were correlated with distant gravitic pulse sources in space. He now discovered that other silica-rich rocks spontaneously produced these electrical charges.

This interaction of gravitic fluctuations with crystal lattices had other applications. With this phenomenon as his astrophysical tool, he was able to chart stellar effects, which normally required huge radio telescopes. Dr. Brown sighted pulsar action and supernova events long before they were formally announced by radio astronomers. Dr. Brown measured solar flares with these instruments, all of which were contained in deep vaults once again. The instruments were shielded from radioactive, thermal, and optical energies. The sensors continually registered these same signals, though maintained in the isolated environment.


The alliance of military and business communities have invested their monies and efforts on ordinary rocketry. The supposedly dependable military rocket systems were deployed with furious intent. Huge, dangerous, unwieldy, and flawed, they caused the military great concern in 1956. Sputnik rattled the smug military stronghold with deliberation. When called upon to launch the small grapefruit sized Vanguard satellite into orbit, each industrially mass-produced rocket failed.

Later in the decade, Dr. Gerald Bull would lose his original direction and become a formidable arms dealer. Had Dr. Bull patiently born the time out, he might have made a fortune in the business of privatized satellite launches. The military chose its single investment in rocketry, there planting their fortress of commitment. They did so on behalf of others, not on behalf of discovery. Space was to be a frontier only for governments and military units.

The outlandish deferment of the space travel dream has turned our nation inward. Inward and downward. National confusion and chaos is defined by its true origin and source. Social confusion and social derangements derive form the engineered deferment of dreams and expectations. National campaigns propagandize one issue, and then produce another. Often, these reversals are calculated against the younger generation, since the maintenance of dynastic fortunes requires the exertion of deliberate social controls with each new generation.

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