Nevertheless, discovery and technology are never at rest. They are now alive in little basement laboratories and garage research facilities. An armada of indefinite proportions, from which will emerge the surgings of the dream sea. New discoveries will come and make their forays into the world. Despite the established systemology, which methodically harvests and burns these discoveries, they will yet come. No one suppresses discovery. Discovery, with the apparitional manifestation, which appears in certain night skies, is THE relentless force. It destroys those who seek its harm.

Others will bear the technological crown away when nations seek and hunt to destroy providentially supplied knowledge. The nation, which resurrects Brown’s research, will rule the air and space. Dreams are never destroyed. They permeate and haunt societies whose leaders have rejected their materialization with a special vengeance all their own. Providence is kind to the dreamer. Visions come to the devoted heart.

Dr. Thomas Townsend Brown loved warm and sunny climates, spending the remainder of his life in Umatillo, Florida. His scientific achievements remain legendary among those who honor and preserve his memory. Imaginative vision itself is the true spaceflight. I believe he recognized in his own dreams the true power, acceptance, and glory, which he rightly deserved in life. His wonderful childhood dream of the stars remains.

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