ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

Several local witnesses observed these experimental proceedings. It was seen that power increased with increasing ground rod depth. He now approached several authorities in hopes that the invention be given proper treatment in an established research laboratory. Then, he anticipated that the industrial groups who handled power generation would be the most reasonable people to contact for the deployment of his revolutionary technology.

In that October, Dr. Moray brought witnesses from the Salt lake City General Electric Company in order to formally disclose his discovery. The demonstrations proceeded as before. Dr. Moray showed that the removal of either the aerial or the ground caused power to fade, proving the external source of the energy. Several qualified witnesses arrived from Brigham Young University to observe the device in action. Themselves engineers, he allowed them to examined and dismantle the device completely so that there would be no accusation of fraud. They even tore the boards open to see if there were any concealed transformer coils or batteries, which would account for the tremendous power production. No fraud could ever be found in this severe examination. The one component, which Dr. Moray would never show the others, was the size of a pocket watch. In it was his precious “Swedish Stone”. In a strange way, in a most remarkable way, Dr. Moray had found an eternal lamp! This caught all the authorities off guard. Careful to watch over and protect every rigidified dogma and institution, the guarded hierarchies of self-centered authority were shaken from their foundations.

Academic authorities declared that Dr. Moray’s device was simply receiving energy from power lines or local radio stations. They demanded that he take the device to various locales in order to pinpoint both the true source of the energy and establish operation criteria. No industrial development of the device would be considered, they stated, until he complied with the stated requirements.

Taken across the countryside in hopes of realizing the failure of the device, these academicians were thunderstruck when the device continued operating. It was impossible to find a place where the output showed any slight drop in power. The device worked during snowstorms, rainstorms, and in deep mineshafts. It was sealed in a metal vault, dragged many miles away from power lines, and taken to mountainous terrain, which did not sustain any radio reception.

In each location the device suffered not one degree of diminished output. Appliances usually tested simultaneously in these desert locales included thirty-five lamps each rated at one hundred fifty watts, a one thousand watt hand iron, a heater, and a fan. Moray himself wished to test whether the device would drive a plane or submarine. The device was taken up in a plane and submerged in a watertight container at the bottom of a lake. In each case the output remained the same.

Once, while demonstrating the device before a group of electrical engineers, a sudden sustained dark blue spark of some eight inches length was observed. When the engineers saw this, they were truly amazed, as the spark discharged from one of the output leads into midair. The incoming energy had actually momentarily exceeded the sustaining ability of the receiver. Obviously, this energy was coming in “from the outside”. It was later found that this blue “spark energy” was a current, which could penetrate several solid plates of glass.

Some analysts identified this display with “high frequency electrostatic” energy, but this was an impossible conclusion, since the glass-conducted current could perform all the same energetic wonders as if passing through metal wire. The question was then to address the exact nature of the receiver’s current output. Was this a different kind of electrostatic energy? Were the output currents of a different “species” altogether?

Now, Dr. Moray guarded his detector with special care. The new component was no longer the size of a small pocket watch. The modified detector looked like a small crucible with its cover-welded shut. This, Moray removed and placed in his pocket whenever the tests were completed. He later revealed the nature of the device, stating that it contained a piece of the soft “Swedish Stone” and “a few extra additives”. A few close associates were permitted to examine this component. There was nothing more than what his drawings showed in its metallic shell. The whole secret lay in the nature of the mineral, the lost and miraculous mineral. The radiant stone. What remarkable truth did Dr. Moray learn? How had he managed to transform his device into this veritable powerhouse?


Years before this demonstration, the absence of reasonable academic explanations forced Dr. Moray to plunge into study. Preparation for his thesis required a substantial personal library, which he had gradually acquired. In the process, he secured several rare fifty-year-old volumes on radioactivity. These included the theories of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Gustav Le Bon, both of whom had each published extensively on the subject.

Tesla’s theory of radioactivity has never been adequately appreciated, despite the fact that he was first in demonstrating the existence of cosmic rays. When announced, after a period of intense investigation, Tesla was heckled by the American academic community. But, long before Henri Becquerel and Marie Curie investigated radioactivity, Nikola Tesla first called attention to the notion that matter was spontaneously converting into energy. This process, Tesla stated, was an eternal one. A steady external shower of stimulating “cosmic” rays was penetrating all matter. These “cosmic rays” bombarded and disintegrated all matter. The process was measurably increased during the daylight hours because, Tesla stated, the bombarding rays come from the sun. These external rays were possessed of incredible electrical potential.

Tesla cited particle potentials exceeding “one hundred million volts”. He said that he had measured these potentials with “special” detectors. These might have been selenium detectors in vacuum bulbs, as used in his radio receiver patents. The electrified particles were constantly bombarding all materials, causing radioactivity to be observed. Tesla stated that all matter was in the eternal disintegration process. He claimed that the more dense metal elements were more easily recognized as “radioactive” because the dense materials were “better targets”. According to this viewpoint, radioactivity was the manifestation of externally sourced agencies. Tesla insisted that the true source of radioactivity was outside, not within, matter. Ray bombardments “from cosmic space” were his explanation.

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