ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

In this mounting cascade, prolific volumes of atoms were disintegrated. Only the presence of elemental “impurities” blocked the continual disintegration of certain elements. The photonuclear process was a chain reaction of far greater significance than those, which rely on the release of slow neutrons. Since a single such ray could stimulate the dissolution of a great number of atoms, energetic emissions were constantly being radiated from the most ordinary of materials. Only the spurious and scattered nature of solar light prevented the complete annihilation of all terrestrial elements. Nevertheless, the incidents in which proper rays and elements were “resonantly” disintegrating were sufficiently high to produce measurable radioactivity in all matter.

Dr. Le Bon stated that there were solar rays having far greater potential than the deep ultraviolet. The stimulation of radioactive emissions took place in “successive stages”. The complete disintegration of matter occurred when very specific gamma rays resonantly coupled with the proper elements. Such ultra photo nuclear reactions released unimaginable amounts of energy. These photonuclear reactions were “complete”. There were no intermediate particles formed by these disintegrations.

Thus, only specific gamma rays could completely disintegrate a specific resonant element. It was by these rays that matter was completely converted into pure energy with no intermediate particles. Thus, in the absence of these gamma rays, the reactions were “incomplete” … far less than the “peak” possible conversion into pure energy. These incomplete reactions produced the various particles and rays, which physicists were studying as “radioactivity”. Continuing his thesis, Dr. Le Bon discussed the cosmic condition, calculating the amount of energy potentially released in his photonuclear process. It was only the rarity of specific gamma rays and the equal rarity of their resonant elements, which prevented the world from dissolving in a flash. Thankfully, the earth surface elements which would dangerously explode by this process into pure energy had long been providentially been dissolved. Stars were eternal reminders of this potential.

Le Bon showed that rare gamma ray bombardments had indeed penetrating all matter, creating the steady conversion of matter into energy in the stars. What Dr. Le Bon had succeeded in demonstrating was never really appreciated by those who later became enthralled and entrapped by thoughts of nuclear fission.

He could arrange the focused action of such stimulating rays with resonant elements, incalculable volumes of energy being derived under control. The output would last for an eternity. An eternal lantern! Dr. Le Bon was the very first theorist to cite “intra-atomic” energy as the future world energy source. He also was first to design and operate special reactors for the conversion process. Light metals being the “fuel” for his photo nuclear reactor, he stated that matter would not be radically diminished even when the disintegration continued for a century or more.

The photo nuclear process was one in which all sorts of strange intermediate particles could emerge. Some of these might not be of the “known” particles. Dr. Le Bon also spoke of these as “aetheric” conversions. There were two extremes in the photonuclear process. One, a range of partial conversions produced numerous particles and rays. The other involved the “complete conversion” of matter into energy.

Le Bon showed how specific resultant energies could be determined by “designing” the photonuclear process. One can theoretically tailor these reactions to produce heat, light, motive force, projective force, attractive force … whatsoever kind of energy is desired. His “intra-atomic energy” was the result of tailor-made reactions in which physicists could determine the energetic outcome with precision. One could produce pure electrostatic flux with no other dangerous emissions by reactively coupling the proper rays and elements together.

The absence of dangerously penetrating rays prevented the complete dissolution of terrestrial elements into energy. All naturally observed radioactivities were incomplete and “haphazard”. Solar energy normally contained insufficient concentrations of both deep ultraviolet rays and more transcendent rays to release uncontrollable amounts of energy. Nevertheless, Dr. Le Bon declared that the photonuclear process could be harnessed.

In astonishingly simple experiments, he repeatedly demonstrated that the proper resonant coupling of rays and simple elements did release sufficient charged particle volumes to surpass those of the so-called natural radioactive elements. He performed this feat with both magnesium and tin in highly focused sunlight. The resultant pure electrostatic release exceeded the radiant output of radium itself! When colleagues protested that he had simply evoked the “photoelectric effect”, he proved them wrong by demonstrating the two effects side by side. The photoelectric effect, erroneously attributed to Heinrich Hertz, was actually discovered by Nikola Tesla. It was found that ultraviolet rays could stimulate the emission of electrons from light metals. The output from this effect was enormously magnified when specific rays were matched with specific elements. When this resonant coupling was arranged, the emanations were anomalous and prolific.

Le Bon charted the resonance of rays and elements, beginning in the deep ultraviolet. Each experiment showed that pure electrostatic energies could be extracted from the partial disintegration of light metals when very specific deep ultraviolet rays were filtered. He also showed the tiniest introduction of gamma rays, could stimulate complete and rapid energetic conversions in the appropriate resonant elements. Where did the gamma rays come from? Stars radiated gamma rays earthward. It was the crucible of the stars.


In these texts Moray found pieces of what he was looking for. The answer to his energy source possibly lay in rays, released from the sun and the stars. It was intuitive guidance perhaps, but this is all he had to work with. The Le Bon photonuclear theory was the closest anyone had come toward providing Moray with clues toward explaining the performance of his energy-receiving mineral. He came to believe that the crystalline lattice of the “Swedish Stone” was intercepting certain of these rays. The necessary research now would involve determining their exact nature. He would also need to discover why his strange silvery white mineral was able at all to intercept these rays. Additionally, why was the ground connection always necessary?

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