ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

If the crucibles of the stars were converting their matter into radiant energy, then the energy received would be an eternal source. For the moment, he looked up in thanks. The stars were supplying all the energy the world ever needed. Manifestly, here was Providence again at work. How he had managed to find the mystery substance was in itself a chance, which no one could have foreseen. How he would use its power would now determine both his and the world’s destiny. Eternal lanterns!

According to Le Bon, universal matter is turning into energy in an unceasing photonuclear process. The process occurs in the stars, driving their vast expulsions of light and other energies. In doing so, they too were special radiant sources, flooding space with all kinds of rays. The sun was such a source. Being so very near to the earth, its permeating influence could not be ignored. The sun expelled prodigious volumes of rays throughout its space. Earth received a great gale of these rays. Some of them were visible. Most were not. Natural radioactivity was the result.

All materials were theoretically being bombarded by these permeating rays. This was especially evident when certain materials were exposed to focused sunlight. If the more invisible rays of the sun were the most likely candidates for the Swedish Stone’s activity, then there should be energy maxima and minima throughout the day.

As Moray read of Le Bon’s elegant tabletop experiments, he could not help but marvel over the apparent conclusive quality of his statements. Certainly, they were pale in comparison with those, which he himself was obtaining. But it was the Swedish Stone, which made the difference. What Dr. Le Bon did not have was “the stone”. Something about the structure of this stone permitted a powerful electrostatic emission possibly under the ordinary influence of solar rays. Its phenomenal output greatly exceeded that which was experimentally produced by any single element of natural origin.

The mineral possibly held the secret to intercepting special solar rays. The mineral held the secret to releasing the staggering electrical output, which he was learning to harness. Adding his own experimental verifications to Le Bon’s theory, Dr. Moray studied photonuclear process in materials other than elemental ones. While Le Bon studied pure metals (tin, magnesium, lithium, cesium, and potassium), Dr. Moray focused his attention on the crystallography of minerals.

If it were possible to discover which rays from space activated his mineral, then perhaps it would also be possible to improve the operation of the detector. Isolating the specific rays, which he believed were responsible for the “Swedish Stone” phenomenon, would give more credence to the Le Bon explanation. In addition, if it were possible to match synthetic microcrystalline structures with their “proper” ray energies, then he could develop even more powerful electrostatic emitters.

The study was completely revolutionary. Dr. Moray advanced the Le Bon theory to the point where it became a plausible thesis. He was convinced now that a “radiant sea of energy” suffused the earth. Moray repeatedly stated that this “sea of energy” continually permeated the earth in energetic gusts. The rays he proposed were responsible were “from beyond the gamma ray bands”. Recognizing that these naturally prolific energies and their strange dynamics required a special interceptor, Dr. Moray stated that:

“The most widespread and mightiest of the natural forces has remained so long unrecognized … because man lacked the reagents necessary for the proof of its existence”.

Dr. Moray had found one of those reagents in the form of a mineral crystal. An eternal lantern!

Nikola Tesla always spoke of the means by which the energy of space rays could become available to humanity. Moray named his device the “COSRAY” receiver, believing that mineral intercepted cosmic rays were causing the material to disintegrate. The disintegration process in his mineral detector was not complete, electrostatic charges being the photo-reactive products. The dream of endless power was in his possession. But there would be necessary new research in order to greatly intensify the output of the receiver.


Though his earliest experiments produced several kilowatts of “electrical energy”, it would require much longer development for his mineral to be worked into a completely potent energy source for humanity. Dr. Moray observed in his early experiments that the extremely powerful “electrostatic” energy came in powerful intermittent pulses. In circuits outfitted with a few radio-tuning components, he found it possible to “sharpen” the effect. The operation of the device was never stable in those days.

Large bluish sparks often sprang out of the connector wires, this effect having been observed in public several times during early trials. The escaping electrostatic energy was wasted because the receiver could not sustain the incoming power levels. This represented a potential of energy, which could be harnessed under the proper conditions. But how to sustain the tremendous power? After having studied the theoretical writings of Dr. Le Bon Dr. Moray believed that he had found the most probable explanation for the intermittent electrostatic bursts.

If solar energy was an incoming gale, then that gale might not be completely homogeneous. What appeared to be a steady stream might, on closer inspection, be a completely disruptive flow. Judging from the observed solar surface, it was more likely that solar rays were being expelled in intermittent violent explosions. Both the activity of the mineral and its unpredictable pulsing quality could be explained if one assumed that very special space rays were arriving on the earth’s surface in solar “gusts” and “explosions”. In his own terms, they arrived “like huge ocean waves”. “Radioactive waves” he called them.

So. The blue sparks appeared because the intermittent gamma ray pulses arrived in unpredictable bursts. Now as he watched the radiant receiver producing its intermittent bursts of electrostatic energy he understood what was occurring. The individual impulses were potent. Each contained enough energy to run hundreds of appliances for the fraction of time during which they were received. Taken over a longer time period their intermittent nature made them generally ineffective for common utility. The solution to this major obstacle was a means by which the initial surge could be stored and thereafter “spread out” over a great time period. New kinds of energy components were therefore devised by Dr. Moray for this very purpose.

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