ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

The boosters were delicate. Large vibrations would dislodge the internal contacts, causing the operation to fail. In another large family gathering, Dr. Moray demonstrated his receiver using a long copper wire as the “absorber”. Someone asked what would happen if they touched the wire. Dr. Moray said that the lights would go out. When then asked whether this would cause shock, they were informed that it wound not.

Currents from the receiver produced strange optical phenomena. Photography became very difficult when using the light from lamps lit by the receiver’s output. Large dark spots blacked out most of the photographic detail immediately over the lamps, while the surrounding dark spot boundary gave a sharp clarity. This clarity was a visible effect, persons noting the stark details, which these lamps conferred throughout their surroundings. In addition, these dark spots had defined diameters, extending beyond the lamps perhaps only half a foot.

The dark spot phenomenon was anomalous because the actual light radiated by the lamps photographically extended beyond the dark spot. Rooms photographed by these lamps were awash in foggy gray regions, which seemed to hover in mid-air near people. While the fogging effects were captured on film, no such phenomena could be visibly detected. Fogging could be explained if invisible ground-sourced arcs were discharging from the device into the open air surrounding the receiver. Careful examination reveals that this is so.

The dark spot, which surrounds the receiver, is a “brush like” discharge of a very special energy. It extends in a confined perimeter surrounding the receiver. The ground connection seems implicated in this process, identical radiant black discharges having been observed in grounded radionic tuners. Dr. Moray understood that his energetic “waves” were incredibly small impulses of enormous power. Was the earth capable of receiving, sustaining, and vibrating back such gamma ray impulses? Was the earth the absorbent medium, his mineral being the converter? New theoretical analysis was demanded by these penetrating questions.

Motors, rebuilt to accommodate the energy supplied by the receiver, ran at extremely high speeds. They, like the lamps, also ran “cold”. Dr. Moray reported that when they ran in the dark, they were surrounded by a violet corona. The paradox in these matters came when the current was applied to ordinary resistive heating units. When properly resisted, the currents produced heat. Dr. Moray showed this effect in ordinary electrical floor heaters, which became red-hot. In his numerous public and private demonstrations, Dr. Moray showed that the energy receiver could light conventional lamps, rewired motors, and power heaters.

In the largest COSRAY receiver, Dr. Moray successfully converted cosmic rays into fifty kilowatts of electrical energy.

Part of his lost art, which made this fifty-kilowatt radiant receiver possible, was a special “stage-by-stage” amplification. It was by this staged reception and amplification (quoted as his “bucket brigade” amplifier) that all the received energy was handled, being absorbed among several simultaneous channels and “spread out” into one energetic flow.

Dr. Moray described his multiple staged process as one by which “a small spark was expanded into a bonfire”. The radiant energy from space was received through ultra-pure Germanium, whose cosmic ray response came through “seven window frequencies”. The Germanium had to be ultra-pure, since contaminants (arsenides) would absorb and block released electrons of the photonuclear reaction. When measured in the laboratory, each tube measured the unheard capacity of one Farad!

Dr. Moray, a remarkably gifted electrical engineer, necessarily redesigned power transformers to efficiently handle the excessive voltage from his receiver. A peculiar “step down” process simultaneously involved both an impulse decrease and a voltage decrease. This, achieved through successive transformers stages, successfully brought down the rapidly impulsing high voltage into a low frequency high-current state. The developed currents were definitely not simple electron currents, since they failed to operate conventional motors without rewiring, and operated heavy amperage appliances without heating.

No professional investigator was ever able to comprehend the operation of the Moray device in electrical terms alone. While the attributes of currents derived by the device seemed electrical, their overall effects were decidedly of a different nature. Physicists continually pressed Moray to repeat his explanation of his principles, hoping to get more information on its secrets. The device, so obviously successful, was a true engineering anomaly. In fact, presentation of the device was a “moment of truth” for many. How very fortunate these men were both to have met Dr. Moray and to have personally witnessed the operation of his receiver!

There were those colleagues who were each genuinely thrilled by his discovery. Some postponed judgment on their assessment of the device, declaring that the actual operation might depend on some new “battery” effect. Chemical actions in the detector tube, they said, might be causing a temporary strong emission of energy. Only a timed test of the detector would prove this out. If there was such a chemical explanation for the tube performance, then time would show a gradual waning of energies received. The engineers were very anxious to see this test performed. It would necessarily be conducted in a “sealed” enclosure. They quickly added that such a possibility, while detracting from the lofty concepts expressed by Dr. Le Bon, would be noteworthy enough if found true.

This devalued critique revealed a curious ignorance in so-called professionals, whose reputations were more highly prized than the “moment of truth” which had arrived. Moray insisted that the device relied not on any battery action, but on receptive sensitivity to the suffusive “sea of radiant energy”. There were other protocols and agendas within each of these tests of course. There were those whose fears were being continually confirmed with each successful test. These individuals reported back to their superiors, confirming the potential threat of the new technology.

Moray patiently obliged all of the scientific seekers during these new public tests. The improved device was repeatedly taken out beyond the inductive limits of power lines, into remote desert areas. Grounds were driven deep, the aerial was erected, and the device was tuned. Once power appeared, the system was sealed and left alone. Four, five, seven days … time mattered not. The radiant energy device continued operating. No one ever mentioned the excessive heat, which should have come from the sealed trunk, were the current an ordinary electrical variety. No. Instead, the device ran “cold”.

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