ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

In 1926, Daniel Magdiel traveled to Russia with this in mind. The naive plan was to interest a nation whose policies on new technology were “unregulated”. The story of Dr. Moray now took an unwilling turn in a direction of political intrigues. Among the many academes and industrial officials who visited Moray, one individual was distinctly not an American citizen. Colonel Yakavlev, an official of the Communist Party, was a representative of high esteem in Russia. He kept his fanatical devotion hidden deep within a smiling exterior, while shopping for new technology.

The American Government was so busy eradicating and regulating new technological developments on behalf of its old family patrons, that it did not recognize a vulnerability to foreign privateers. The naive academes and industrialists who attended Moray’s exhibitions did not restrict Col. Yakavlev, seeing in him no potential future threat. Military interests would gradually be attracted, but only after this foreign presence expressed interest in Moray. Superficial liberty is seductive. Obvious when Moray was imprisoned in his own neighborhood by resistive industrialists, the determination to block the Radiant Receiver was a foregone conclusion.

The indifference to revolutionary ideas has repeatedly proven deadly. And the regulation of revolutionary ideas is deadly. The ideal of a new and better world condition completely escapes the urgent pursuit of governments. Governments frequently act only on behalf of their controlling patronage, an old and traditional reflex. In this instance, the successful military penetration of the national interior by a “vacationing” Soviet Colonel was inadvertently made possible because of economic depression.

Had American investors seized the Moray system and implemented it, their fortunes would have been unlimited. What now occurred “looked very bad” for the inventor in the eyes of later investigators? In 1929, Col. Yakavlev invited him to New York. There, the two men were to meet with “superiors” at the AMTORG Trading Mission. Moray found himself, however, in the offices of General Electric. Meetings occurred after work hours in secretive fashion. Moray did not like this one bit. He left New York abruptly and returned home.

Daniel Magdiel contracted with Dr. Moray to construct a large and completely equipped research laboratory in Salt Lake. Moray was so pressed for capital to develop his technology that he accepted the grant from the young Soviet Union through his friend Daniel. Moray performed research with absolutely no political consequences in mind. He simply needed the money. Daniel Magdie later moved to Mexico in 1952 for obvious political reasons. By 1933, foreign nations were not the only ones interested in Dr. Moray. Government “regulatory commissions” on electrical utility were the very first to plague Moray.

Contact between the Rural Electrification Association and Dr. Moray began in 1939, with the approach of several officials. Mentioning that Daniel Magdiel and the REA Administration were “going to have a meeting”, this individual brought several engineers along. Suddenly, interested parties began arriving at Moray’s laboratory. The REA called in a “scientific expert” who, in a very short span of time, attempted to both destroy the receiver and eradicate Moray.

While entering his darkened laboratory, Moray was actually confronted by gunman. One of this company of assassins was the “scientific expert” sent by the REA. A scuffle ensuing, guns were fired among both assailants and Dr. Moray, their intended victim. Moray drew his revolver and fired back with unerring accuracy. They never again harassed Moray, although a “liquidation” threat was made by a government agent in the hearing of young John Moray. Agents were continually harassing Moray to “come back to the work or face the consequences”. Moray had anticipated death threats, having replaced all the car windows with bulletproof glass. He continually carried his own revolver.

These more visibly honest expressions of vehemence stand as warnings. Those who will continue imagining that government bureaucracies are legitimately interested in democratic ventures are gravely mistaken idealists. Doubt, anger, and murder. These three proceed from the heart of the fearful, propelling the self-destructive “conspiracy” of human nature away from the ideals. Away from wonder. Away from the lost and glorious world.


Retrieved patent applications of Dr. Moray have been closely examined. The examiners rejected claims for the radiant energy receiver despite the working model and the statements of credible witnesses. Apparently there are times when demonstrations and working motors are not “sufficient proof’ in the Patent office! The technical basis of rejection was a mere semantic tool used to keep the device out of the industrial complex. Examiners claimed that current could not be developed in his device because it “ran cold”. How curious that several crystal radio receivers were given license that year. These sets “ran cold”! Either the examiners are not sufficiently educated or quite aware of the annual agenda … as it alternates from year to year.

Though Moray’s own patent was never granted, it is most curious that another virtually identical application appears in 1926. Patent 2.032.545 by H.B. McElrath antedates that of Moray, and is virtually identical to it! Complete with a working model, this five-stage amplifier utilizes special radioactive minerals to operate phonographs, public address systems, as well as radio-television receivers. Output volume is strong. The device can amplify radio and phonograph signals without the application of external energy, and requires no tube replacements.

There are several other examples of these patents, which have been retrieved, the McElrath system not being the only one to emerge during that time period. Several inventors (Blackmore, Hubbard, Winkelman, Ainsworth, Burke, Farnsworth, Hart) developed remarkable energy amplifiers and electrical sources, which implemented small amounts of, unrefined radioactive materials. What is more remarkable is the cavalier manner in which the McElrath patent and others, though licensed, never reached the consumer market. None of these patented devices were ever mass-produced. After studying sufficient numbers of such patents, one realizes that corporate connected regulators and examiners established an active search for all emerging energy devices.

All patents having to do with free energy are purposefully blocked from reaching social scales of proliferation, as is evidenced by the great number of patents which never reached the market place. All we have are the official documents, proof that the designs both really existed and that they were successfully operated as described. Certain principle authorities of the University were given a folio of drawings and notes by Dr. Moray in confidence. The drawings surfaced years later, when Bell Laboratories patented their “transistor”. The very same designs. Transistor development was the direct outgrowth of Moray’s research, being directly derived from his own early models. Improbable? The attorney in charge of Bell Laboratory transistor patents was the very same person who handled the Moray patents.

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