ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

The themes of these timeless tales are powerful elements. We each yet resound with them. The imagery is the power. Of these tales there is no end. But the images, the themes, the quests, the magickal artifices. Something in these evokes the very deepest of desires. We each wish for that eternally radiant world.

The power of the tale is the archetype, which projects them forth. During contact with the tale, listeners are absolutely engaged with the worlds described. Group transcendent experience and metadimensional contact. Phenomena with which Pythagoras was well familiar unified societies in the telling of sagas. The tales told by bards are eternal themes. The images, persistent reminders of historical realities. They emerge from visionary worlds, having timeless import. Being messengers of the eternal sea, the bard functioned as prophet for his people. The very mention of the mysterious worlds, their artifacts, and accessories captivates the mind of society with lost connections from archaic worlds.

Why do these specific images have such a deep and powerfully evocative effect on us? Each image and metaphor, which performs this marvelous effect on us, is, in reality, a visitor from a forgotten land. The images haunt and hurt us with a strange desire. They are archetypes, symbols, runes, communicating to us directly from an uncharted sea. The symbols are eidetic discharges from the mysterious sea of dreams, the consciousness in which we fuse with our world. The themes, images, and symbols persist for centuries, flooding the world mind. Archetypes travel from person to person, a message from eternity. Archetypes annihilate time and distance. All those who merge with the archetypes momentarily find themselves in the same timeless locations, viewing the very same scenes.

The archetypes project forth from the unfathomable deep, the dream pool of humanity. Found in fables, they are relics of lost archaic civilizations. These images have great power. Archetypes are quasi-material realities, demanding our active attentions and creative cooperation. The great armada of images proceeding forth through the epic poets have powerfully evocative effects on society. It is they, in truth, which are responsible for slow forward movements of technology.

Visitors from the very deepest wells of consciousness, symbols and archetypes have stimulated our beings with their radiant power of vision and desire, impulse and motivation. They generate technology. Humanity has for centuries felt their mysterious urge forward. The chief desire of certain individuals has been to find the wonderful tools of magick described in legends … to locate the natural loci where dreams and Nature “fuse” in material solidity. Sufficiently motivated travelers and wise archaic masters of natural science claimed the successful materialization of specific archetypes. Forgotten lands and fabled treasures were located. Large silver mirrors were pulled from vine-covered lagoons. Gemlike lanterns radiated cold green light.

There are those who insist that dreams, images, and symbols are metaphysical ephemerals lacking material reality or ability to materialize. Humanity is subject to all the archetypes and symbolic pressures which surge up from the timeless sea. Dream waves ebb and flow in the mind of humanity. The dream potential is the true and prolific power, which suffuses and drives the world. Historic dreams actually found their natural material expression. Great and notable natural discoveries were preceded by haunting dream images, by which the discoverer was driven. After thorough search throughout natural locales, the dreamed thing was remarkably found in its material form. Natural “correspondence” between dream and nature has been the common historical experience. Certainly endless dreams of seacoasts materialized from the dreams of Columbus.

Those with ability to articulate dream visions produce notable developments in art and science. Symbols, images, and visions of dreams project mysterious visionary artifacts, of which artists and scientists attempt reproduction. The accuracy of their success is wholly determined by the accuracy of their response to the dream image. Artists and scientists alike seek articulate reproduction of their dream symbols in each, their various media. The gracious gift of technology is a deliberate result of both emerging dream treasuries, and the artisans who reproduce them.

Society is helplessly moved in the great tide of dream images. Each epoch is determined and defined by the dream images, which provoke the “epochal theme” or “zeitgeist”. The archetypes surge in waves, relentlessly expressing themselves and materializing as arts and technologies. Archetypes, though metaphysical, find material correspondence. Romantic artisans know this. When the outward flow of inner experience merges with the inward flow of outer experience, then dreams locate their material correspondence with rare precision.

Dreams materialize when we look for them in natural settings. Sensitive and attentive to this mystical crystallization of thought in matter, the wondrous and continual surging of consciousness reveals strangely haunting “similarities” and “synchronicities” … between things seen in dreams, and our day-to-day world experience.


Every symbol, artifact, and accessory of the Utopian world emanates light. Transported earthly visitors first remark at this suffusive light. Their host joyously explains that “the light comes from everywhere”. This magickal radiance is the light of consciousness itself. Mythologies and histories alike are replete with reports of the “endless light”.

The radiant beauty of mythical “eternal lanterns” stimulates and provokes timeless scientific desire. Their endless effulgence remains their single most fascinating aspect. Can such a light source exist in the material world? The mystery of that eternal radiance could neither be compared nor equaled on earth. Firecraft did not reproduce the quality of Utopian ideal radiance. Such eternal light projects joy and wonder. Neither their radiance nor the vivifying thrill ever fade with time.

The image and symbol of the eternal lantern permeates mythology. However separated in distance or time, mythologies the world over each speak of eternal lanterns. The symbol of the eternal lamp is a haunting object, which we most desire. A wordless message of hope and life beam forth, most directly representing divinity.

Believing that eternal lanterns once existed in the fabled world, ancient qualitative science sought them with a deep faith that they could be found. Ancient conquerors made extensive search for eternal lanterns and other such “fabulous” treasures. To locate, recapture, of unearth these lamps provided a formidable conqueror’s quest. Likewise, numerous radiant sources were discovered and described by credible naturalists.

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