ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

Exposing various materials to the output of this particle accelerator, Dr. Moray found it possible to stimulate the growth of crystals and metals in these tailings by special treatments. This process closely followed his work on tissue curative rays, an obviously analogous theoretical development. John Moray’s statement went as follows:

“… the process we have described is in reality a crystal growing bath, activated by irradiation. As the gold atoms come into being by transmutation, they become’ gregarious’, resulting in the crystal formation. From this observation there is every reason to suspect that low-grade ores and mine tailings provide, not only seed for crystal growth, but also a nuclear environment which is well advanced, or uniquely favorable for the formation of the precious metals by … transmutation…”.

In a rare and amusing episode, Dr. Moray found that the scant precious metal content of mining soils were actually made to “grow” by exposure to specific electron energies. Gold, silver, and platinum micro-crystals were found throughout these “tailings”, but in widely scattered “seeds”. These rays experimentally demonstrated ability to cause the “organic” growth of tiny gold crystals scattered throughout these soils. Processes developed by Dr. Moray included mixing the tailings in numerous chemical baths.

His numerous references to the “reagent” and the “environment” indicate that these “catalysts” were the most important feature of his process. The lumpy clay like slurry was poured into large disc-shaped molds of varying depth. These were exposed to electron bombardment on a conveyer belt system made entirely of wood and resins. There were significant “interferences” whenever plastic or metal (especially copper) was employed in the ray chamber.

Early experiments required the “aging” of slurry mixtures, an essential feature of the process. Later statements indicated a new success. With special improvements in catalytic solutions, Moray found it possible to mix the slurries and expose them directly to the rays without “aging” them. He mentioned that the cost of these solutions was not more than fifty dollars per one hundred gallons.

Gold obtained from this 8 million electron volt LINAC system was efficiently produced. But Moray wished to boost this efficiency beyond all expectations. He therefore began to study transmutative reactions within the slurry with greater attention. When it was found that particle bombardments were often not consistently flowing through the samples, Moray designed a special “resonant chamber”. This “undulated” with the incoming blasts, producing incredibly high yields. He measured their ability to transmute in terms of cost. Total yield versus total cost.

In tailings, which initially assayed at 0.18 ounces Au per ton, the resulting yields were often as high as 100 ounces of gold and 225 ounces of silver! Moray estimated from his results that increased gold percentages ranged between 107 and 329 percents! Once exposed to these electron blasts, the mildly radioactive buttons necessarily had to “cool down”. These buttons were then treated with gamma rays. This “treatment” rendered them “neutral”, Moray having discovered how to denature radioactive matter. These de-natured ore samples were sent to assay offices and analyzed. Their yields confirmed by chemists, Moray proceeded with the manufacture of gold for a time. He then turned his attention on the possibility of raising the levels of weak uranium deposits by his method. The results of these experiments were classified.

It is said that he later designed a small system of his own for the production of gamma rays in prolific quantities. Designed and operated along parameters, which embodied his rare knowledge of rays and metals, these were implemented in the gold-growing process with greater success. The use of gamma ray fluxes greatly outdid the performance of cumbersome LINAC devices, which were more costly to operate and maintain. Dr. Moray employed radiant bombardment in a special element transmuting process of his own design.

He produced coppers and leads having astounding refractory qualities. Impossible to melt below two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, the lead was the wonder of every metallurgist who received his samples. His coppers were so strong and heat resistant that he employed them as bearings in his high-speed motors. An undisclosed alloy, made by the Moray process, could withstand twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit without melting. W developed extraordinary metals and alloys.


Dr. Moray continued researching phenomena which the Swedish Stone produced, but recognized that he would eventually “run short”, having used so much of it in his past experiments. Multiple staging in his last few designs required much of the material. Realizing that his progress toward industrial aims would rely on the artificial synthesis of the mineral, he therefore subjected the Swedish Stone to a complete microanalytical profile.

Dr. Moray considered that, perhaps only specific chemical parts of the mineral were the real “active” components. In addition, perhaps also there were also components, which actually limited or “blocked” the photo-reactivity. A synthesized compound would eliminate the blocks and maximize the activators. Far more power would then be received and converted to usable energy. Nominal sized COSRAY receivers could theoretically produce giga-watts of electrical energy.

For a moment he considered that, perhaps nature had achieved what could not be humanly achieved. In this case, he knew where to obtain the mystery mineral again in large quantities. Himself an excellent metallurgist, he eventually succeeded in synthesizing his rare material in a laboratory furnace. Moray mentions that it was only after synthesizing the material that he realized the rarity of his original find.

We do not know if Dr. Moray improved the material beyond the Swedish Stone composition. What we yet know of this synthesized material is that its primary ingredient is ultra-pure Germanium. Dr. Moray constantly complained to chemical supply houses that their Germanium was “not pure enough”. Germanium is derived from euxenite, argyrodite, and germanite. Of the three, euxenite contains radioactive elements and several rare earths. Euxenite decomposes into [Y Er Ce Ti Nb Fe U 0], Argyrodite into [Ag S Ge], and germanite into [Cu Ge Ga].

Dr. Moray determined a small radioactive content in the Swedish Stone (Lehr). The various “doping” materials in his synthetic mixture include zinc sulphide, iron sulfide, bismuth, and three other secret elements in “combination”. These latter chemicals were never known by outsiders, but have been revealed as a combination of thorium, caesium, and radium sulphide.

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