ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

Careful analysis of these materials, with sensitive attention to their combined functions, was achieved several years ago by an extraordinary electrical engineer and visionary (W. Lehr). His conclusion is that the Moray component is a photobiased diode, which is sensitive to a specific resonant series of signals. Beginning with the X-band, and increasing through to the gamma ray series, the Moray device is a high frequency band-passing gate. A non-rectifying diode. The system responds to specific incoming signals as well as those, which are “transduced” through the radioactive materials, which are included in the mixture.

It has been hypothesized that the Swedish Stone was rare variety of the mineral Spodumene. Spodumene grows in gigantic crystals, some of these measuring in excess of forty feet in certain locales. Brilliant pink or white, its crystalline surface is smooth. When fractured or crushed, it becomes a smooth silvery white material. Large Spodumene deposits are found in Sweden. Spodumene decomposes into [Li Na Al Si 0].

Whether his Spodumene sample contained Germanium, we will never know. Perhaps his knowledge of the Le Bon photoreactions permitted the design of a distinctly new radiant-receptive mixture. It is not generally known what, in fact, is being done with the material and the detector. Some have suggested that Dr. Moray may have destroyed the essential parts of the device. Those who worked with Dr. Moray attest to the absolute validity of his claims. Each witnessed the operation of the radiant energy receiver. Each comprehended somewhat of its essential secrets. Each attempted in some small manner to duplicate these findings. Each subsequently developed certain designs, which demonstrated varying degrees of success in releasing anomalous outputs of electrical energy.

True to the archetype of discovery, this is not the only time such a mineral has appeared during this latter part of our century. In another rare documented instance of haphazard discovery, Arthur L. Adams, a retired electronics engineer, claimed to have discovered a smooth silvery gray “electroradiant” mineral in Wales during the 1950’s. He found the mineral with a device of his own design. When fine wire contacts touch the mineral surface, high voltages are produced. They are strong enough to constantly sustain a sizeable current in an external load.

This mineral (Adamsite) produced prodigious amounts of electrical power in proper circuit configurations. When sliced into thin layers and stacked among metallic contacts, the power output is greatly magnified. When dipped into water, the output increases. When the stone is then removed, the water retains an ability to produce electrical power for hours.

British authorities managed to seize the material and all the inventor’s research papers, claiming to be studying the material for “future social distribution”. We are not likely to see this mineral from the British Government (or any other government) until a social change is demanded.

Other energy-receptive devices, which use electroradiant minerals, have appeared this century. Devices built by several different inventors supplied enough power to light their own homes for years after disconnection from the power utilities (Amman, Molinet). The device by Amman (1930’s) used special “chemicals and minerals” in conjunction with electrical capacitors. With this device it was possible to operate an entire household worth of electrical appliances. A subsequent development proved that the device could power an electric car indefinitely.

More recently, an amazing example of this technology has been produced by Gene Molinet in 1982. His development was the result of an astounding observation made while repairing an airplane radio. Removing a crystal component, Mr. Molinet received a heavy shock. He then undertook a complete study of crystals and magnetic fields. His device was observed by an electrical engineer who reports that it somehow utilized Galena and magnets in specific spatial relationships, requiring a firm ground connection for its successful operation.


Numerous voices throughout the years have expressed desire to reproduce the effects obtained by Dr. Moray. All are after the missing “Stone”! This is certainly one of the most tantalizing mysteries in the annals of lost science. Many opinions have been tenaciously held by researchers concerning the means which Dr. Moray employed in his cos RAY receiver. We also find a great many theoretical propositions and equally as many technical approaches in this quest.

There are indeed several major problems, which face those who wish to probe the Moray mystery. There are also several related discoveries of importance help in clarifying our perspectives in these regards. In addition, there have been a significant group of researchers whose work, in combination, reveals the most probable explanations for Dr. Moray’s remarkable achievement in radiant energy reception.

The logic trail shifts with the findings and moves with the conclusions. But the rewards for society are great, provided one can match an empirical demonstration with the theory. Above all things, we must not imitate those whose fixation on textbook-approved conventions lead into blind alleys. Building and toppling our house of cards is not frustrating for those who thrill to this quest.

It is imperative that, when academic conventions fail to supply adequate conclusions, one must actively exercise human meta-cognition over statistics. The prerogative to choose alternative possibilities. To look outside “the facts”, and look around “the barriers” of dogma. Therefore this short section will serve to air some of the many ideas historically offered in explanation of the COSRAY detector. The goal, we remember, is reproducing his results. The reward is benefiting humanity with an energy revolution.

In the absence of hard empirical data, the search for the Moray detector is very much a process of eliminations! When considering the available radiant energy of the natural environment, one is faced with remarkable contradictions. These contradictions, however, may not invalidate the obvious demonstrations, which Dr. Moray engaged. Researchers have studied a short-wave radio phenomenon known as “bursters” and “drifters”. The “bursters” come as short but transcendently powerful electrical signals.

Radio “bursters” remain in one frequency, pouring all of their power into the receivers which entune them. They seem to “stand in place” in a columnar manner, growing in strength with increased time. When once entuned, the small input seems to attract all the available incoming energies until the receiver can no longer handle the power. Bursters destroy receivers and perform other strange electrical feats. “Radio-drifters” are related to bursters, differing only in their frequency “drifting” nature. One investigator has judged the actual energy content of radio-drifters as exceeding a megawatt (D. Winter).

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