ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

Evidence of staggering incoming power, the energy of the drifter is difficult to explain with conventional theory. Recall that Dr. Moray first became aware of the power potential in space energies while employed by the Telegraph and Telephone Company. His extensive preoccupation with the “ocean like surges”, heard through the long lines in headphones, prompted all of his successful research. There are those who therefore believe that Dr. Moray was tapping the energy of the potent auroral electrojets, which constantly surge in the ionosphere above us. They therefore do not cite cosmic rays or any such radiant sources in explaining what Dr. Moray “realistically achieved”.

These researchers believe that his discovery of the Stone provided a material, a semi-conductor, capable of very high frequency avalanche conduction. The very high voltages, instantaneously released in substantial capacitances such as telephone lines, were capable of flowing through an external circuit to power several appliances. In essence, they believe that the Stone permitted the construction of a high frequency diode having solid-state negative resistance (Lehr). It is a common observation that certain impulse energies cannot “pass” through silicon diodes, while effortlessly finding conductive passage through Germanium diodes.

His employment of the early aerial and ground elements provided the capacitance through which the electrostatic energy was absorbed. It was probable that Dr. Moray further enhanced the threshold conductivity of Germanium with special radioactive additives so that it would respond with both speed and increasing saturation to the mounting electrostatic energies. Primarily developed in the large capacitance of his ground connection, these energies passed unnoticed by most experimenters. What was needed to tap this tremendous energy reservoir was a “low threshold switch”. Therefore, the examination of the Moray device proceeds as a study of conduction bands and quantum potential energies in crystals.

Some writers proposed that Moray had developed a “cosmic ray diode”. In this model, the Moray receiver is treated as a transducer in which cosmic rays drive electron currents. The special material is the ray sensitive material in which this conversion process supposedly occurs.

If we use the available potential energy of a single cosmic ray, we find that it could raise only one ten-thousandth of a watt’s worth of electrical energy. If cosmic rays were intercepted by the pellet, producing extensive photonuclear cascades, then why was the ground connection needed at all? According to the calculated values, a detector the volume of that used by Moray could never intercept enough cosmic rays to achieve the demonstrated outputs. The stone pellet itself did not offer sufficient interceptive cross section to be the whole generative center of Moray’s device. Clearly the stone pellet was part of a much larger “organized activity” involving the ground.

There is an alternative model, which focuses attention on the necessity for ground connection in the device. While aerials could be eliminated from his apparatus, it was not so with the ground connection. One recalls that Dr. Moray was never able to do without the ground connection. Also the successful operation of the device required a “tuning” procedure. What was he tuning”? Both good ground connection and sensitive tunings were indispensable for obtaining the enormous energies demonstrated in his COSRAY detector.

The volume of cosmic rays intercepted by a volume of ground is vast. Ground entrant cosmic rays would stimulate the activation of vast free electrical volumes. Any section of ground would effectively become an available “interception plate” of vast size. These free charges would “leak up” into any radio ground connection, producing significant and conspicuous “static” power when tuned to certain frequencies. “Tuning into” these radio bands, the ground “interception plate” would pour its vast electrical surpluses into any detector, producing lightning like discharges.

This model sounds plausible, but why would the Swedish Stone be the necessary item then? Why would not any radio receiver locate these frequency bands? The infrequent observation of “bursters” lends this objection some credence. Could bursters simply be a rare “radio detectable” solar emission, one in which electrical impulse are surging at lower frequency? The pulse which Moray was able to constantly receive might then have been occurring in the microwave band (Lehr).

This model might lead in the right direction provided we shifted our attentions to an alternate kind of energetic spectrum. If ground entrant cosmic rays produced a special and distinct subatomic “vibration” in the ground, one which could not be entuned with ordinary radio receivers, then the mildly radioactive Swedish Stone acts as a special kind of receiver … both tuning and receiving ground-wide “radioactive impulses”.

Such “radioactive waves” would appear as a “white noise” in a grounded radioactive detector. Specially tuned settings would release the energy into the receiver. We might liken the process to rain falling on the surface of a lake. As the rain comes in sheets and gusts, the lake surface becomes “rimpled” with the disturbance. Tuning into this violent surface of energy would be equivalent to using a straw in order to obtain a coherent flow. Getting a gush of water from such an incoherent vibrance is nearly impossible. A wider “pipe” would not enable a greater extraction of energy. Moray did not rely on ever-larger cross-section ground connections. This would be the requirement if we were utilizing radioactive white noise. If such a draft of energy were coming through the fine wire contacts on the pellet, the delicate connections would burn away before any energy could ever be extracted.

When considering “ground secondary radiations”, one would have to account for the “reflective surface” within the ground capable of absorbing the cosmic rays and “vibrating”. What would be the exact nature of the “absorbent” ground medium? Would it be free electrons? Is there a possibility that the actual medium of absorption was something more exotic than electrons … some subatomic particle sea of which we are yet unaware?

The entire notion of cosmic ray absorption requires the ability of a fluidic medium to absorb the projectile energy of entrant cosmic rays. If the fluid were “free electrons”, then the cosmic rays would pierce it like bullets fired into water. The resultant energetic violence would produce no coherent pattern, only a “frothy electrostatic disturbance”. A slim possibility might exist for entuning the major “harmonics” of such a frothy white noise, obtaining an electrical output. But the incoherence of all resultant “white noise” energy is still the reasonable objection to this otherwise good model.

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