ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

The Swedish Stone might have served as a conductor and magnifier of Od. Such Od radiance could never stimulate electrical charges for Baron von Reichenbach. Perhaps Dr. Moray had found one of those “mineral gates” where this did occur. It may have been in the nature of the mineral itself to effect conversions of Od into electrostatic currents. In citing this possibility we encourage the re-reading of the Reichenbach biography and consider his science of Radionics.

Remember, though Moray was able to replace the aerial with a copper plate, Dr. Moray was never able to eliminate the ground system entirely. The absolute need for the tuning device indicates a necessary radionic tuning component. With the detector in firm ground connection, the mineral became Od radiant. Od currents grow in time, saturating and magnifying in ground lines of any small cross section. Od discharges across space, producing black radiant auras and smokey white photographic traces when arcing into nearby people. The radionic model effectively unifies all the aspects of the Moray receiver, and keeps with the essential simplicity of his descriptions. Obtaining that “magickal mineral” remains the last key to the process!


There were and are those who would assault the story of Dr. Moray, relegating it to the myths of lost dreams and their dreamers. Yes, discoveries are dreams, which never disappear entirely from the social psyche. They are messengers from the world soul, the sea of dreams, the land where eternal light is forever radiant. The mere existence of the idea is the proof that such a world exists. The mere appearance of an idea invades the inertial world where dead minds see no light. Similar discoveries with those of Dr. Moray remain as myths in common places, plaguing those who seek to resist and regulate them. Lost wonder elements of the first world do not yield to the proud. They continue to manifest among the humble.

Resisting the flow of discoveries maintains dynastic fortunes. Addicting society to any particular utility secures that utility for centuries if need be. Those with desire for absolute economic control produce a self-defined “status quo”.

Protecting the threatening information became an obvious priority among certain power groups. While resisted by a continually accumulating industrial resistance, the social implementation of “lost science” is a statistical certainty. The imposed forgetfulness, brought about by those whose financial concerns outweighs their social concerns, does not eradicate Discovery. Discovered things, we know, have a mysterious way of haunting the social consciousness.

The archaic disappointment of fire, which split the human psyche, produced qualitative and quantitative sciences. The archaic disappointments rule quantitative science in the physics of thermodynamics. The archaic curse was turned to advantage by modern moguls, who employ the all-consuming need for fuel into a means for gaining profit. The world system operates on the notion that wonder cannot be real, that no light can exist for eternity, and that light dies in the absence of fuel. Dr. Moray was one among many who discovered a means for breaking the fire-fuel chain. Throughout the entire time in which Dr. Moray taught, lectured, and conducted his many varieties of research we see the inspired man at work. Dr. Moray made demonstrations of his original discovery before thousands of guests and assembled witnesses with regularity. Each was permitted to see, touch, and handle the radiant energy receiver. Furthermore, Dr. Moray had the scruples of a deeply religious man, whose ethical and highly moral character stand as proof enough of his integrity and essential character.

Dr. Moray’s lifelong preoccupation with mineralogy, crystallography, and metallurgy produced equally astounding related developments in three different areas of study: distant communications, medical technology, and metallurgy. The search for an endless lamp, for eternal radiance, is a dream image, which yet beckons scientific dreamers. A rare few, like the wonderful Dr. Moray, have discovered and seen its power.

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