ENDLESS LIGHT: Dr. Thomas Henry Moray

As centuries passed, certain scientific artisans claimed that they had successfully reproduced eternal lanterns. According to some bards of the Middle Ages, there were lands where dreams had literally materialized. Kingdoms and rare wonders lay to the east, possessors of magickal technology. Following this trail of legends and marvels came Marco Polo. Among the material proofs, which he brought home to Venice, there were also new legends and reports. Marco Polo told of palaces and kings, kingdoms and artifacts, exotic natural wonders and anomalies. Caravans of archetypes and symbols.

In the city of the great Khan, there were hundreds of fabled rubies, thousands of gold tablets, and millions of standing soldiers. Marco stated very plainly that, in the outlying provinces of the Khan’s empire, radiant stones and magickal accessories were commonly employed for a great variety of purposes. He had seen some of these marvels with his own eyes. One particular legend, which he was fond of retelling, is rarely heard or mentioned today. It centered about the fabulous Prester John, mythical King of the East. Prester John sat in a magickal throne room, a great flooding radiance shed by special rare gems. The unearthly light of his throne, an undying light. He employed the radiance of these rare gems to render his throne room sacred, enlightened, vivifying, and quiescent. His knights were continually flooded with strength and love for their cause because of these radiant stones.

Through the agency of special viewing stones, Prester John gained instant knowledge of distant events. Empowered to project peace and benevolence to distant warring lands, he watched and interceded over whole regions through these magickal means. He was able to project help to those lands through rays, which came from his magickal stones. Famines reversed, plagues eradicated, joy restored, Prester John was the protector of nations who did not know him. Prester John (“Pastor John”), the mystically advanced Christian King, is a notable story of Mongol origin. The eternal lantern, one of innumerable archetypes, persists in mythologies the world over.

Marco claimed he had seen black rocks used in Cappadocia to produce light and heat. In parts of the same region, he claimed to have seen “black oils” taken from bubbling earth pits for the same purpose. Scholars rejected everything he had to say when they heard these two reports. Long after his passing, when coal and petroleum were later discovered by Europeans, all the words of Marco Polo were heeded without question. The wonder of eternal radiance, Prester John, and magickal technology continued to occupy human curiosities throughout the following centuries.

All lands and peoples have the eternal lantern in their dream treasuries. Nordic mythology ascribed “eternal lanterns” to the gnomes, who both inherited and manufactured them. The gnomes used their mystical lanterns to light gem-studded subterranean palaces. The lanterns themselves had names, archaically crafted by famed gnome masters. Made of radiant stones, they continuously emanated soft colors and an atmosphere of great delight. The magickal lanterns themselves were fabricated from rare glowing elements and gems.

In fables, mystical eternal lanterns are made of humanly inaccessible minerals and elements. Legends continually remind us that magickal elements and gems have archaic world-origins, remnants of the lost world. Uncorrupted by the touch and taint of mortals, they frame the evidence of a first creation. Their properties, pure and sacredly honored, emerge from the dream world.

Fables teach that all beings naturally seek these materials. Certain beings, gnomes the most frequent species, covet these lanterns with a rare viciousness. The “radiant stones” reveal the first world Nature and all its wonder, the “lost elements” of which the old world was made.

In the fables, the magickal elements are said to yet exist in the deepest recesses of the earth and in special secret mountains. Spiritual prowess is required to both recognize and retrieve the minerals. The “hidden folk” always see what mortals cannot, plucking magick gems and mining magick metals from their archaic repositories with ease. Gnomes, faeries, elves, and angels jealously retain the secret of radiant stones and radiant lanterns. When humans manage to obtain them, there are consequent complications.

The magick elements and radiant stones are always wonderful to all who behold them. Their radiance is divine. Mysterious beings reverence the appearance of the radiant stones. Humanity especially cherishes and desires them. Elves cynically remind us why we have lost both the first world and the wonder elements of which it was made. The wondrous gems and metals invariably come from “forgotten archaic ages”. They are “first created matter”, “sacred gems”, and “starry metals”. They are the material of the old world.

Fables report that these wonderful elements come from the times just after the beginning of creation. Having been buried in the angelic rebellions, some remain in the deep recesses of earth. Others, having been thrown among the stars, reside in the stardust, awaiting the time when they may return to bless humanity. They hold the key to human conscious progress, requiring only humility before they may be discovered.

Mystery minerals and radiant gems are often found where natural catastrophism is at work. Radiant stones are loosened from archaic imprisonment by strange events, which the “hidden folk” worriedly pursue. They jealously guard their treasures from “bumbling” humanity. Wonder elements are found in the dearth of volcanic explosions, flung up from mysterious metaphysical depths. Some fall to earth from space, glowing and pulsating. Whether thrown out of earth or space treasuries, they are usually found by adventurous humans whose lives become transformed. What these persons do with their treasure usually determines their fate, a moral lesson concerning the abuse of power.

There are peaceful ways in which the radiant stones are located in some tales. There are those who see magickal glowing pools of water by night. Venturing in, they manage to find the rare “wish-granting” glowing gems. Some only appear during certain astrological seasons, under specific “heavenly signs”. They are seen only by sensitives who, with greatest care, find them radiating their light when touched by the crescent moon. Mysterious visitors often add a “pinch” of magick dust into the mixtures of old despondent alchemists. When this alchemical projection has performed its work, the molten metals become joyfully radiant.

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