An Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio

This case study was completely corroborated in the simpler instance of an insulator-ensheathed copper rod, where clarified signals of great strength continued to be received in obvious absence of the electrical carriers (Lehr, Theroux). Examples such as these actually challenge common notions concerning the nature of ground signals, obviously not the result of electrical waves at all. When compared with the accompanying aerial signals, a contradiction in theoretical prediction was obtained. Aerial signals would prove to be replete with static signatures. Were the skywave and groundwave each coequals, linked energetic expulsions from a common source, then each should have delivered the identical static events. But the addition of chemical solutions to the ground amplified and clarified the incoming signals, proving that ground signals are of an entirely different class and species of signal…having nothing to do with their aerial mirror-partners. How then did the addition of an electrically non-conductive crystalline matrix actually produce better reception through the ground antenna?


The exchange between electrical signals and geomantic currents produced remarkable transformations, energy exchanges yet requiring exhaustive study. The manner in which articulate messages actively relate with their electrical carriers is improperly understood. In the biodynamic model, intelligent expressions constrict toward the center core of their carrier streams, becoming a tight thready current. The electrical carrier streams themselves expand away from this central thready core, losing integrity with distance. It was well known that certain geomantically densified regions were notorious eradicators of electrical signals, the legendary “blindspots” which characterized certain subequatorial districts. In these biologically active zones, where jungle growth was most highly accelerated, radio signals encountered impossible distortions and indefinable interruptive influences.

The significant distinctions of ground-derived currents from electrostatic or electrical currents required analytical methods not willingly engaged by the convention. Nevertheless, the incursions of unknown or forgotten energy strata refused to disappear. These manifestations, which became complicated with electrical applications, made their presence continually known. These pure geomantic currents possessed distinctly biological attributes of catabolic growth. Geomantic energy perpetually overpowered and dissolved every electrical application into the ground (catabolic reaction), while automagnifying its own potential (growth behavior) against the invasive electricity (immune response). In this process, communications signals were very apparently amplified. The bizarre amplifications most occurred when signals traversed regions of high geomantic current densities. This is why so many experimenters observed the topographically determined signal magnifications across specific locales.

In 1904, one experimenter rediscovered that the bioactivity of thriving trees can provide an astounding source of radiosignals, a method referred to as “floraphony”. When connected to specific spots on tree trunks, the use of a simple nail probe resulted in the anomalous powerful reception of radiosignals from 18,000 miles distance (Squier). Indeed, the interactive relationship between electrical and geomantic energies has remained singularly mysterious. For those who do not comprehend the fundamental differences and distinctions between the energies involved, only the futile shuffling and reshuffling of the “four forces” remains: an academic card game which, very unfortunately, will never produce a completely satisfying explanation. The associated list of anomalies continues to assert its presence, one which manages to topple the house of cards with every new deal.

The general social lack of sensitivity to bioenergies has contributed to the malaise of the scientific research community, a malaise which motivated Eighteenth Century experimenters to forsake their roots in Vitalism. The unfortunate consequent fixation on the discovery of currents and energetic influences, abnormal to the bionatural environment, has enslaved civilized humanity to an inferior technology, a degenerate mindstate, and a completely irrelevant world model. The interaction between geomantic and electrostatic current is the result of antagonism between two completely opposed species. Geomantic currents are far more powerful in their technological potentials, an energetic foundation which sensitives have long anticipated. The accumulation of phenomena, by which geomantic energies are transformed into the utilitarian needs of our world, are all that is lacking in this regard.

By far not confined to qualitative methods, geomantic energy was quantitatively found to be possessed of biological characteristics not normally attributed to either electrostatic fields or electrical currents. From archane times, geomantic currents were known to flow through the ground in meandering pathways. The geomantic matching of large VLF aerials became common practice for the launching of signals along the mysterious magnifying paths, paths which meandered and “wandered” across continental topographies. The veinlike “woivres”, formerly identified and mapped by medieval geomancers, were associated with uncertain geophysical associations (Charpentier).

Direct connection with aerial, elemental, and ground-sourced energies produced a wide range of otherwise unexplained effects. These effects were repeatedly reproduced in apparatus requiring only monopolar ground terminals and variable tuning capacitors. The discoveries made by the Chemical Telegraph proved that the ground emergent energy actively organizes the chaos of sensitive emulsions into distinct patterns. These mystifying patterns and hunting fragmentary messages, revealed the literal “dark structure” of the ground, a structure which completely dominated every ground-launched electrical signal. The geomantic structure ruled and governed every wired, ground-wired, or radio signal which electrotechnology had applied to the ground. Signals were shunted, interrupted, magnified, reduced, constricted, redirected, divided, and recombined as each encountered the geomantic structure. The distinctly biological nature of the geomantic structure was thus clearly revealed. It is the same structure which ancient geomancers saw in the pure mode, a radiant and multicrystalline form which permeates and sustains the geological matter of earth. Fluidic streams form the facets of this black radiant structure, the “geomantic” currents of which we have spoken.

Explorations of the pure geomantic energies required very simple equipment. Researchers found it possible to extract enormously potent geomantic currents. Employing little more than a grounded rod or plate, and in the complete absence of additional (electrical) energy, geomantic energy was drawn up to the surface and selectively entuned. The grounded instruments used in these wonderful explorations were the simple and familiar diagnostic tools of the telegraphic and telephonic engineers: Wheatstone Bridges, decade resistors, and variable capacitance batteries. The strange and cyclic activation of chemical telegraphs was tested and proven, the results mystifying. When these components were connected to one or more buried plates, the apparatus became strangely charged with a neutral energy. The Patent Archive is pleasantly “interrupted” with the occasional exceptions provided by these research purists, who insisted that geomantic potentials were far more potent and capable than electrical energy.