An Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio

Those ground-oriented systems, which derive their operative energy directly from articulate environment, have experimentally proven their worth. Reproductions of a great many such devices has produced the surprising success by which we have experienced a personal Scientific Renaissance. Geomantic energy is capable of marking sensitive chemical papers and plates (Bain, Edison), of stimulating auric emissions from elements and chemicals (Reichenbach), of marking photographic plates (Dobler), of stimulating plant growth (White), of vivifying otherwise incapacitated patients (Abrams), of impressing and modifying sensitive crystallization processes (Kolisko), is able to seek and reveal deeply buried ore bodies (Drown, Rogers), and is capable of more astounding displays. Its preeminent potentials dwarf those achieved through the use of electrical charge.

Demonstrating a distinct bioaffinity, geomantic currents evidence selective preference for biological matter and for bioorganisms (White, Abrams, Lahovsky). Possessing articulate “behavior”, whose definition exceeds that crude behavior of electrical currents, geomantic currents are able to selectively seek and locate specific widely distributed tuning targets with complete precision. Non-inertial, and characterized by innate properties which may only be termed “biological”, geomantic currents represent an energetic stratum at the most fundamental level. The world foundation. Was it any wonder that ground antennas performed in excess of all the electrodynamic predictions?


Discovered during the years when the communications sciences of Telegraphy, Telephony, Conduction Wireless, and Aerial Wireless were being developed, the isolation and implementation of Geomantic Energy has founded the core of a new Science. Having thoroughly accepted the objective existence of Geomantic Currents, the Radionists extended the known list of attributes and potentials germane to these energetic species. Radionists developed instruments, methods, and technologies beyond the expected conventional limits.

Their diagnostic instruments become recognized as “tuners” or “filters” of the geomantic currents. With refined entunement components, the effects became more pronounced and defined. The now familiar use of resistance or capacitance bridges in Radionic Technology has not been significantly changed since the days of telegraph line diagnostic instruments. Considered to be “electrically dead” by other academes, and therefore supposedly incapable of dynamic activity, the diagnostic apparatus of Radionists were derided by those who refused the acceptance of vitalistic energy on conditions of personal prejudice alone. But the natural phenomenon defied the edicts of those who refused to know. Radionically entuned radio receivers became enormously powerful sites into which impossibly distant signals of exceedingly weak intensities simply pour. To experience the numerous phenomena typical for reception through ground antennas is to experience the technically “impossible”.

Utilized in a great variety of investigative purposes, the acquisition of geomantic energies was fortunately chronicled in a great number of patents and articles. Radionists discovered that Geomantic energy is neutral, being possessed of an ability to modify and organize chemically chaotic systems (Littlefield, Morley-Martin, Kolisko). Pure geomantic energy articulates and transforms mineral solutions into prebiological organizations (Crosse, Bastian, Reich). The characteristic which draws geomantic currents into bioorganisms has been explored for use as a therapeutic stimulant (White, Drown). Greatly increased vitality is the result of exposures to these ground derived currents, an echoing reminder of truths early discovered by Mesmer and Galvani.

Ground derived energies were used in demonstration of agricultural stimulation (White, Lakhovsky), sensitive medical diagnosis (White, Abrams, Hieronymus), medical therapies (White, Mellon, Drown), anatomical scanning (Drown, DelaWarr), wireless biological communications (Abrams, Hieronymus, Drown), chemical reactivity (Kolisko), power acquisition (Stubblefield, Strong, Brown, Tomkins, Lockwood, Prentice), meteorological modification (Baigorri), remote sensing and surveying (Beasse, Glazewski, Billington, Ash, Rogers, Moray, Maby, Drown), and mineral prospecting (Beasse, Rogers, Drown). Despite these profound discoveries, the widescale acceptance of geomantic energy or geomantic phenomena was methodically shunned and eliminated from the academic dogma.

Despite the vindictive treatment, that displayed in the purgative fury of several national agencies, the legendary Radionists developed a wondrous new technology which yet holds the future survival of humanity. This superlative Radionic Technology, capable of stimulating and engaging the very deepest of human potentials, has neither been glimpsed or considered since Medieval times. In the secrets of Radionic Science are the means by which the very deepest dreams and desires of humanity find technological expression. Implementing pure geomantic energies, Radionic Instrumentalities operate at the very level from which dreams and desires emerge.

With the energies obtained up from the ground, we have discovered a sequence of distinct, irreducible, and articulate attributes, to which both our thoughts and efforts have been continually directed. The all too numerous experiments which Borderland Sciences researchers have conducted remain forever framed in this biodynamic perspective. With each attempt at duplicating the supposed fraudulent claims of our qualitatively inclined predecessors, we continue to rediscover spectacular anomalies. Providing us with a continual stream of scientific epiphanies, we have enjoyed remarkable success. Moving in and among such strange scientific topics, you may also venture among deep roadways untravelled by most. In truth, these deepest of studies prove the existence of a superlative visionary world-reality, one whose thralldom society must again admit.

Coupled with the most elementary of ground antennas, any ordinary shortwave receiver becomes a powerful diagnostic tool. With very simple equipment, one obtains a glowing window on the innermost world processes whose biodynamic activities rule our very being. The diagnostic use of ground radio antennas, has permitted the acquisition of wonderful and mind-elevating secrets. One continually learns the lost details inherent in our throbbing world. The geomantic structure, whose pulsing streams and ebbing tides govern our consciousness, is suddenly revealed through the turn of a radio dial. Unreconciled audio “observations” provide compelling evidence that ours is a world alive, whose meandering flowlines display both emotive reactions and intelligent behavior. Careful interpretation of ground radio phenomena has permitted us to add new details to the evergrowing biodynamic world thesis.

Indeed, with every experiment we have performed, there is a vast and oceanic flood of new facts and equally new associations. It is with these revelations we find ourselves wonderfully occupied. Now comprising a formidable and growing treasury, we recognize that the duplication of such past methodologies well serves our willingness to seek. Ground-connected shortwave receivers are radionic interaction chambers, where pure geomantic power meets with electricity. Employing the receiver components as surreptitious radionic instruments, we have found an astounding sequence of corroborative facts in a singular theme.


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