THE FUSOR REACTOR: Philo Farnsworth

One remarkable property of natural discoveries is the incessant manner in which they appear. Discoveries appear before social crisis requires their development. Discoveries represent providential manifestations of grace. They must be honored as such, comprehended as messages against some desperate future hour. Discoveries are not restricted to specific locales. No single nation rules the flow and dispersion of natural discoveries. Those who seek the eradication of discoveries throughout the world will be destroyed. The consequences of eradicating technologies have a mysterious way of finding us out, by their deadly absence. In the hour of need, they keep their silence.

In truth, the vision, which is carved in stone, cannot be ruined. There it remains. Let those who study and devise their twisting way plot. Plan, scheme, bend, and turn. None will stop the day. The bright sapphire, a pure night vision, remains. Starpoints in the great radiant blackness, from which come all things. The dream seas surge, asking no permissions and giving gifts liberally. In a land not far off, where dreams and dreamers walk as one, there the love reigns and waits.