This represented a major medical discovery of greatest value to all humanity. This principle actually made possible curative broadcasts. Entire populations could be electrically “vaccinated” from single monitored sites. The world potential of this system was staggering. Now the outbreak of epidemics could be controlled without the time-consuming need for individual inoculations. The radiant lethal message would eradicate specific pathogens in several simple broadcasts. The constant monitoring of socially prolific germ populations could be maintained by continual public health “broadcasts”.


He ran his entire staff through varied frequency exposures. Infections of all kinds each dissolved before The Ray. Dr. Rife was able to isolate the pathogens of infection and destroy them with the mere turn of a dial. The specificity of the Raytube device was so precise that singular germ strains could be individually mass-targeted. Cured by the flick of a switch!

Firing the tube in the lab provided a continual source of inoculation. After a time, so little toxicity was present in staff members’ bodies that the drowsy effects were never again encountered. They did not contract any illnesses. Not even colds.

After a time, Dr. Rife rarely used gloves when handling the viral specimens. Furthermore, neither he nor his technicians ever contracted any of the diseases, which were handled. The Raytube “inoculated” them all against every disease. He reported these findings to the community, while himself remaining the designer and developer of the system.

Dr. Rife, a research pathologist, never used these devices in medical practice. Other physicians desired the units for their own purposes, recognizing the potential for curing human suffering. Dr. Lee De Forest supervised the design and assembly of many oscillator components for the Rife System. W. D. Coolidge himself (General Electric) willingly sent Dr. Rife hundreds of X-Ray tubes, which were altered, with a mixture of hydrogen and helium by Rife and his technicians. These improved tubes were tested so that they would project only the desired electro-impulse rays. These noteworthy references best recommended the Rife Raytube System to medical practitioners of the day.

Hearing of these wonders, numerous physicians began requesting that smaller, more portable units be designed. Soon, Rife Raytube devices were being assembled and given to physicians for limited use in their own practice. When properly operated, these devices returned successful reports, effecting complete eradications of infections and cures of various conditions.

There were never any adverse reports concerning the Rife Raytube Instruments. Neither could there be. Rated at such safe peak performance levels, no harm could possibly come from the portable devices.

The careful and reasonable monitoring of patient progress, the Rife frequency devices were bringing about a therapy revolution. Strep throat could be cured in an instantaneous exposure, seated in a physician’s office. A specially designed gargling solution was given to remove the resultant toxicity from the site.

In 1934 Dr. Milbank Johnson, Chief Medical Director of Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company, established a therapy center for cancer treatment in Scripps Castle, San Diego. A staff was brought together from specific institutions including Dr. G. Dock (Professor of Medicine, Tulane University), Dr. C. Fischer (Children’s Hospital, N.Y.), Dr. W. Morrison (Chief Surgeon, Santa Fe Railway), Dr. R. Lounsberry, Dr. E. Copp, Dr. I Burger, Dr. J. Heitger, Dr. O. C. Grunner (Archibald Cancer Research Committee, McGill University), Dr. E. C. Rosenow (Mayo Clinic). Dr. Rife functioned as a general consultant in matters of system therapy.

Using a Rife Raytube system, the team received cancer and tuberculosis patients. Fifteen cancer patients, each pronounced hopeless by medical experts, arrived at the clinic. Each evidenced progressive states of the disease. A few patients were ambulatory. Treatments with the Rife Raytube method were routinely applied. The dream was becoming real. Humanity was at last receiving its help.

Recognizing the critical condition of their patients, it was decided that exposure time would be raised to three minutes duration. It was discovered that exposures could not be repeated daily without necessary long rest periods. These critically ill patients could not withstand the extreme resultant toxicity released into the system, as BX viruses were shattered. Emotional depression often resulted until the ray-dose was safely assessed. The team conferred hourly to assess the progress of each patient. Excessive exposure to the rays could result in severe lymphatic infections and blood poisoning. Therefore three-minute treatments were repeated every third day, the rest periods necessary for blood detoxification.

Soon, the ray had done its work on the once-terminal victims. Constant blood and tissue samples revealed no BX viral presence in these now fortunate individuals. In sixty days’ treatment time, and after examination by several physicians, each was released as cured.

Though under continual surveillance, no relapses occurred. The treatment was revolutionary. The results, thrilling and complete. Moreover, they were confirmed by a special medical research committee of the University of Southern California. Three more clinics were opened with Dr. Johnson as General Medical Supervisor. Other participating physicians included Dr. James Couche, Dr. Arthur Yale, Dr. R. Haimer, Dr. R. Stafford with a mounting number of participating physicians. Clinics were operated between 1934 and 1938 having such a number of cures that it is difficult to list them all without simply reprinting the Rife files. Each of these cases were sent out and corroborated by other (non-participating) physicians.

In 1939 Dr. Rife was formally invited to address the Royal Society of Medicine, which had recently corroborated his findings. He was requested to bring all possible films, slides, and apparatus with great enthusiasm. Dr. R. Seidel reported these findings and formally announced the Rife Raytube System therapy for cancer in the Journal of the Franklin Institute. (Vol. 237 no. 2 February 1944).

The formation of the Ray Beam Tube Corporation was announced, through which several models would become available to the medical world within a short time. Highly skilled hospital staff members and leading physicians were very receptive to the proliferation of this therapy. Here was a new means for controlling and eradicating any kind of disease by the press of a switch. This therapy would inadvertently challenge pharmacological methods, raising human standards to a new and lofty height. The dream seemed ready to materialize.

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