Rife found both himself and his staff members under a strange series of attacks by unknown agencies. During this time, and under very mysterious circumstances, Dr. Johnson died in a hospital bed. Brought there for completely minor reasons, he was found in bed. The local chapter of the Medical Association proceeded to bring Dr. Rife to the San Diego Supreme Court, but lost their case (1939). Dr. Rife could not be charged with malpractice, being a research pathologist and designer of medical instruments.

This repugnant offense unmasked the heinous resentment behind which many powerful individuals had previously been camouflaged. The court action itself caught Dr. Rife quite unaware. A visionary, his entire life had been dedicated to humanity. Alleviating human suffering was his life theme. Here now was strong evidence that factions within the Medical Establishment were actually mobilizing against proven therapeutic methods. Cancer itself and other equivalent maladies were being Cured. Why then the assault?

Growing opposition from deeper factions of the Medical Association brought pressure on Rife Treatment clinic staff members. Threats and other unprofessional pressure tactics forced members to leave the team in quick succession. In campaigns clearly waged to malign Rife and his findings, the Medical Association assailed remaining participants in the clinics until Dr. Rife stood alone.

Deeper than the verbal show of malignancy by other colleagues was the horrifying and insidious motivation, the implication behind the attack. Why would anyone wish to destroy so great a world-advancement? Who was betraying civilization in this critical instance? Of all betrayals and of all personnel, who in the Medical Profession would seek the eradication of such monumental discoveries? Dr. Rife’s mind reeled under the weight of these thoughts. This was not mere resistance to a new idea in a time of ignorance. Pasteur experienced that indignity. No. This was a willful, calculated resistance in a supposed enlightened time.

Horribly shocked at the entire scenario, Dr. Rife literally became unhinged in court. Trembling and weeping, he could not come to terms with the sheer hatred and vehemence exhibited by his antagonists. “Why … why are you doing this?” he repeated. The prosecution could not have produced a better effect. Seeing this weakness as the very means by which to eradicate Rife and his discoveries, they continued to attack Dr. Rife openly. Calling him continually to the witness stand, they succeeded in destroying this frail hearted man of humble greatness. In short, the prosecution forced his total collapse.

Dr. Couche was compelled to desist operating Rife Therapy clinics under threat of malpractice. The Medical Association ruled that no society member who maintained use of the Rife Raytube System would be permitted to continue medical practice in the United States. Morris Fishbein, major AMA stockholder, treasurer, censor, editor, and controller extended his legal arm to inform each member of the Rife team of the impending legal process. All Raytube units would be recalled, impounded, and destroyed by Federal Court order, under penalty of fines and imprisonment.


All participants willingly returned their Rife units except Dr. Couche and Dr. Yale. These two surgeons later stated that for twenty-two years after this action, they continued to successfully treat and cure thousands of patients with the Rife Raytube devices, which they secretly maintained. Dr. Yale published a large and concise chronological account of patients treated and cured in his practice throughout that twenty-two year period. Notwithstanding the fact that sixty percent of severe (cancer) cases brought him were medically inoperative, incurable, and hopeless, Dr. Yale confirmed that all of these persons were yet alive and living happy, full lives.

The Rife Microscopes challenged RCA and its lucrative electron microscopes. The Rife Raytube System would eradicate the accepted lucrative pharmacological methods everywhere. Such developments did not inspire challenged corporations. Dr. Rife developed a therapeutic means, which works. This is all too evident by the rage of those who assailed him.

Systematic eradications of this priority level speak of social control on a vast and hideously deep-rooted scale. Implications necessarily involve corporate trusts and governmental agencies. The notion that disease proliferation is permitted for the continuance of pharmaceutical interests is too terrible to reasonably consider. Federal Officers came to impound the entire Rife laboratory all too late. Several faithful technicians had already purloined every piece of the priceless equipment, taking laboratory components and valuable documents across the Mexican border where they yet remain. John Crane maintains the priceless surplus.

Fishbein, the editor and chief censor of the AMA saw that Rife’s name would be stricken from all previous publications, that no professional journal would dare publish anything by Rife, and that no mention would ever be made of Rife’s achievements in formal proceedings. Inescapably linked with the pharmaceutical trusts, Fishbein’s actions were all too conspicuous.

Social control has become a dominant theme since the Second World War. Modifying and regulating social thought through both legal and financial steerage has brought natural discovery and true technological development to a standstill. World changing discoveries can be made but not proliferated. Cures for diseases can be proven, but not implemented.

Has the world now entered a new barbaric and vulgar time where medical wonders have become a regulated property? The historical evidence proves out these thought lines. Balancing profit against cost, it is clear that outright cures are far less profitable than exceedingly prolonged and profit-effective “treatments”. Statistical analysis of social “disease incidence” mark the yearly expected gross earnings, a profit margin of untabulated measure.

Would the honor once laid upon the development of wondrous disease cures now be shunned, the cures themselves being suppressed at will by business managers? Would compassion for suffering humanity, concern for the elevation of human living standards on a worldwide scale no longer be a major medical theme?

World Society is driven by the unmodified flow of natural scientific discovery. At the fundamental level, such discoveries are truly socio-providential. While previous epochs simply endorsed and socialized each new natural discovery, newer attitudes have suffused the world from financial “sites of infection”.

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