In the past, medical discoveries were never questioned or resisted. They were always looked upon as absolutes: if a medical cure for disease was found, it was taken as it truly is … a miraculous providence. Not even the most ruthless financier would dare interrupt the flow of medical discoveries in past times. This state of ethical acumen has not continually been honored.

When the records are actually examined, when the billions of research dollars have been computed and balanced against the true research effectiveness, we find a staggering disproportion. How is it that medical research of the nineteenth century, far less equipped and funded, produced definitive cures which have become medical “standards”; while contemporary medical research, best equipped and super-funded, has not produced a single cure of equal social importance in the last thirty years? Dr. Rife had the answer toward eradicating all virus potentials. Perhaps, because it was not a pharmacological one, his devices have been “legally restrained” from social proliferation.

A few moments’ calculation reveals the effective ability of research to find a chemotherapeutic vaccine against each deadly virus. The calculated time exceeds several millennia. But Rife found the only reasonable technique for destroying any virus infection at will. The answer was not a pharmacological one. Eradication of his techniques at this early stage of development would be reasonable if one were heavily invested in chemotherapies. The systematic eradication of many such (recorded) cures is revealing.

Medical authorities have stated that “no means has been found by which viruses may be destroyed”. Recent evaluations of “recaptured” Rife Raytube units contradict this statement. Dr. Rife treated germs as mechanical systems, not chemical systems. Vibration killed pathogens by the flick of a switch. A single such device could be easily tuned to destroy all deadly pathogens. His is the only device, which can destroy viruses.

UCLA Medical Laboratories, Kalbfeld Lab, Palo Alto detection Laboratory, and San Diego testing Lab all had stated that the Raytube System is absolutely safe to use. The FDA went out of its way to publish and maintain Federally directed rulings on the Rife Raytube System, refusing to make further statements concerning its historically proven effectiveness in thousands of cured cancer cases.

A great gathering of esteemed colleagues of the medical and research professions came to honor and support Dr. Rife after the entire court affair. Friends who were too frightened to stand and fight at his side were now smiling, drinks elevated. But the man who was asked to stand and receive honor saw through the charades.

The seer saw the thick shadows, which enveloped the professionals and other dinner guests. Armadas of pathogens were drumming their war drums again. Soon on the march, they would devastate humanity once again. It seemed that not one of the esteemed guests cared. The Rife Raytube Therapy was the only time in history that viruses could be selectively and dynamically destroyed. No chemotherapeutic agencies were ever required in the process. The mere closing of a switch could achieve these undreamed wonders.

Dr. Rife had developed and implemented what no contemporary medical research group has ever conceived. And, by the end of World War II, was prevented from ever doing so again on American ground. The cheers and accolades rang on, while standing ovations lasted for more than fifteen minutes. The now frail and ghostlike discoverer looked away.

Far off and away. Searching through the shadows, searching in his own darkness … for new light.

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