[ The positive spikes are used to accelerate the negatively charged Cooper Pairs toward the target area. It is VERY Important to remember, that it is a negative electrical charge that is being applied to the body. Positive charges fatally destroy the “Zeta Potential Charge” of the blood. ]

Power was ready. Pathogens cavorted boldly in view. Poised at the Prismatic Microscope, he fired the X-Ray tube. Turning the tuning dial near the specimen, he would know the lethal pitch by watching the pathogens. When these “exploded” he would mark the setting. If this method worked, then he could methodically correlate each lethal pitch with its pathogen. Soon, a catalogue of lethal pitches would be amassed. With this Dr. Rife could wage victorious wars against every disease in existence.

Dr. Rife swept through the diathermy range, which he calculated should vibrate these viruses to pieces. Empirical evidence always contradicts the theoretical. Quite below the calculated extreme frequencies, the BX virus suddenly dissolved. He switched off the transmitter and sat there quite amazed. The scene in the microscope was unreal. Not a fraction of a second at the lethal pitch and the specimen was reduced to a globular mass. The viruses were stuck together in shattered fragments! He had successfully “devitalized” them.

Fine-tuned lethal frequencies now filled his catalogue. With great precision Dr. Rife determined every lethal pitch as planned. Armaments of light against legions of shadow. Analysis of the electropositive impulse showed that its radiance was penetrating, intense, and unidirectional … more like invisible light rays of pure electric force. What then was this strange light like power? Experiment proved that virus cultures were absolutely incapacitated, congealed, and destroyed by the electropositive impulse. The power of an extreme form of light? Had such light ever been seen before?

This energy had been accidentally generated in 1872 by Thomson and Houston. Not waves, but rays. Electrical rays. A forgotten phenomenon. Unidirectional electric impulses (Cooper Pairs) of great power radiated electric rays, not waves. These rays penetrated all kinds of matter, whether stone and steel alike. The resultant sparks could be drawn from every insulated metal object in the large building in which the experiment was being performed. Not radio waves, but electric rays.

Later in that century, Nikola Tesla accidentally observed the same electric ray production. He studied the phenomenon exclusively, developing impulse generators and electric ray projectors. When speaking of electric rays which evidenced a light-like nature he referred to this phenomenon. Not radio waves, but electric rays. New light. Dr. Rife had rediscovered this phenomenon. Tesla spoke of his own “millimeter rays”, mentioning their “bactericidal” value. This same phenomenon had vindicated Tesla’s words. Therapeutic properties were demonstrated when precisely controlled.


Whereas the destruction of virus cultures on a quartz slide was easily accomplished, the destruction of pathogen cultures in human hosts was not. Rays had to penetrate through skin, musculature, and bone; a considerable resistance through which to travel. Rays might lose their original accurate pitch in this transit, destroying the intended action altogether.

Fortuitous and strange, the pathogens were found to be some two thousand times weaker than body cells. This meant that pathogens could be destroyed by the radiant impulse method without harming the patient. How sublime. Pathologists had treated microorganisms as chemical systems for a century, working overtime in order to find each specific chemical dissolving agent. This method treated all germs as mechanical systems, dissolving them with vibrations.

He himself had been exposed to the instantaneous blast without harm. When adjusting the rates to annihilate ordinary viral infections, he noticed that he became drowsy and tired for a few hours. Determining the cause of this as the resultant toxin release after infective agents were coagulated, he recognized the need for a de-toxifying agent. Physiology had to be prepared for the curative impulse. Exposure would release large amounts of toxic pathogen fragments into the bloodstream all at once. The ray cure had to be metered in doses. Body tissues had to be flooded with special fluid electrolytes to aid the enhanced and rapid elimination of these toxins.

To stimulate deepest shattering action, the patient had to be bathed in a “carrier field”: an electrical body permeation in which the impulse light rays could penetrate into and through every body cavity. Superficial exposures would not completely cure the patient. This light ray energy, had to permeate the body completely. Dr. Rife conceived of method whereby patients could be enveloped in a harmless body-permeating electric field of acoustic frequency, while the intense electro-impulses (bursts of Cooper Pairs) of short duration would be simultaneously projected. In this manner, efficacious electro-radiant impulses could shatter specific pathogens throughout the infected body with no harm to the patient.

Dr. Rife utilized two banks of oscillators with which to generate his primary and secondary impulse fields. Acoustic generators supplied the primary field of “immersion”. A diathermy machine was coupled to a powerful transmitting amplifier to provide the shattering impulse. Two radiant energies were thus employed to destroy pathogens in vivo. Dr. Rife’s catalogue of lethal rates always gives a pair of lethal frequencies per pathogen.

Dr. Rife discovered that virus cultures were not safe from the radiant impulses from the special Raytube. Fixed to the lethal pitch of a single pathogen, the rays were unerring in their message. Selectivity was the hallmark of the Rife curative method. Several pathogens could be assembled adjacent to one another. Choosing the lethal pitch for one of these, the others would remain unharmed. The target, however, was utterly destroyed.

Dr. Rife tested the lethal effective distance of his rays, determining the safe placement of patients from the radiant source. Pathogen cultures did not seem “safe” anywhere near the device at all. Arranging the tube at one end of his laboratory, Dr. Rife brought cultures out to increasing distances from the radiant tube. In a final amazing experiment, he took cultures away from the laboratory in sealed containers. It was found that radiant tube emanations operated effectively on viral cultures up to an eight-mile distance! Metal cabinets did not protect viral cultures from the deadly ray effects either, being ray conductive. Even when locked in aluminum cabinets, the entuned light-like rays destroyed their pathogens wherever found.

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