“Genius may be defined as an eminently clear consciousness of things in general…” Schopenhauer

Humanity’s evolution is irrevocably intertwined with the discovery and use of the metals. Who could conceive of a world without metals? Visions of the stone age drift through our minds, but that is ancient past for most of the world. With the discovery of metals has come the continual development of civilization. Certainly there may be aboriginal peoples still walking this planet who do not culturally use metals, but the pounding advance of civilization will soon give them metal tools which will be readily put to use. The majority of humanity relies heavily on the metals—life would be inconceivable without them. But what is the secret power of metals, that they are so essential to our quality of-life and evolutionary growth?

A true understanding of the nature of metals cannot come from the modern scientific conception that views substances merely as ordered accumulations of soulless protons, electrons and neutrons. In this book you will come face to face with a new form of knowledge, born of the old, evolving through the present, to synthesize science and spirit for the future. In past stages of consciousness humans were directly in touch with the cos mic forces that penetrated their existence. With the coming of the modern discursive approach to phenomenon this ancient perception has been buried, only to be renewed synergistically with materialistic consciousness by advanced spiritual scientific researchers.

But it all goes much deeper. When humans perceived themselves within a geocentric universe they were able to deal directly with their feelings and emotions — they were in direct contact with reality. With the evolution of the modern cosmic viewpoint humanity has been set adrift amongst the stars, venerable old life-giver Sol is now just another star amongst billions; nuclear furnaces spewing deadly particles. In the process humans have been cut off from their sense perceptions. They still feel them, but relate to them in a much different way. We see the sun move overhead, but we are taught from youth that this is a mere illusion, that in reality the earth is moving over 1,000,000 miles per hour in seven different directions at one. (Ignoring the fact that the earth’s motion has been calculated, but has never been actually measured!) We are taught that solid objects we see in front of us are not really solid, they a r e jus t a set pattern of el ectr ons, pr ot ons and neutrons. No wonder humanity as a whole is cut off from nature — everything we see and sense is expla ined away by modern science as being a mere appearance.

This is of course the basis of metaphysics, but the modern scientific metaphysics is based on electrical particles created by the experiments themselves, a tautology in action that will only bring curses if pointed out. Rather we should look to the developments in spiritual science such as are spelled out in t his book. For when the ancient cla im is br ought for th that gold is the earthly representative of the Sun, actual experiments are provided to describe this reality which was once readily apparent in past stages of consciousness. If the evidence is examined with the clarity of enlightened consciousness, one will discover that the noble metals of old actually are the earthly representatives of the cosmic spheres described by the orbits of the planets. The positions of the planets have subtle, but definitive and measurable effects on the metals attributed to them in ancient lore. This of course is considered nonsense in the light of modern science, but modern science is now more a religion than science, and dogma prevails over discovery. If such were not the case there would be no purpose for this book.

But we must go even b eyond just what can be scientifically described. The imagination must be developed as an organ of the evolving soul. World pictures must be built up in the imagination to allow proper orientation and soul growth. As the seven noble metals of old are attributed to the seven geocentric planets (which include the Sun and Moon), so with the evolution to the heliocentric system and the discovery of the outer planets the

imagination must be built up to integrate these new concepts. The attributions herein given to the outer planets and the radioactive metals is a major step for those searching for a more comprehensive cosmology.

But what cosmology can emerge? — for in many ways this knowledge brings us back to the geocentric universe! The geocentric positions of the planets contr ol the effects of the metals — this has been established through extensive research. This is tough material to digest, but it is true nonetheless. And yet the heliocentric model explains so much, such as the simple orbits of the planets. The ancient Chaldeans viewed the earth as a flat disc with the hollow hemisphere of the heavens arching overhead. Despite our modern prejudice which would consider such world views as ignorant and scientifically backwards, the Chaldeans could predict heavenly events, such as alignments and eclipses, with the same accuracy as is done with our modern conceptions. So what has really changed, and what will continue to cha nge? The ultimate cosmology will be as far beyond our modern view as that is Beyond the ancient concepts, and it will have to fit all the models at the same time. Forget not that all modem astronomical calculations, in fact all aspects of our lives, are still geocentric — despite our scientific beliefs.

So herein we have the researches of a modem borderland scientist who has dared to test the ancient knowledge while questioning the modem, and finally has taken active steps toward synthesis and understanding of the major forces in our lives. May your universe be enhanced with this knowledge.

Tom Brown, editor

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