My Path to Radionics

“And who is she?” I asked.

“A wise old lady of 70 who has much knowledge of Radiesthesia.” A lady of 70 did not sound as if she could be particularly helpful, but I made an appointment to see her and travelling to Wimbledon I arrived at her house one afternoon about four o’clock. The old lady turned out lo be very alive and with an exceptional warmth of personality. She led ine straight into her garden, where there was a splendid old fashioned laid out, and the subject most on my mind had to wait patiently on buttered scones and fruit cake.

Al last she started to talk about Radiesthesia and her opening remarks nearly made me fall off my chair. She pointed to a table beside her and said, “That’s the book you are looking for, isn’t it?”I looked and it was.

“You can have it, since I understand that you want to learn the art of healing by this method. If you like I will teach you what I know.”

I was so overwhelmed that I was speechless for a while. She talked on until I was able to stammer, “What will it cost me?”

“Nolhing,” came the astonishing reply. “I was cured by Dr. Drown and her technique in America and as I have private means and do not have to earn my living, I freely pass on what little I was taught in thankfulness.”

Of course, I was soon to discover that she knew a great deal, for she had not only been a student of Dr. Drown and her methods, bringing back to England the first of her instruments, but a personal friend as well She it was who had put such early pioneers as Dr. Mary Walker, Mable Lloyd and Ruby Hodgson, all of whom were qualified Chiropractors, into direct contact with Dr. Drown when she visited England.

So my tuition began. Regularly one afternoon each week I went to Wimbledon. There for two to three hours we battled out the techniques of Radiesthesia, as it was then called, discussing and testing on her instrument. The remainder of the week I spent putting into practice what she taught me. What a year it was! Fifty-two personal lessons. At the end I felt that I could rightly claim to have had a thorough grounding in the work, and Mary Leigh felt able to give me the following testimonial.

Mary M. Leigh

Mary M. Leigh

Mary M. Leigh: Wimbledon

“Mr R.M. Denning has been studying with me for the past lew months some of the ways in which some of the Drown Instruments may be used for the relief of suffering and the leading back of invalids into habits of good health. I have greatly enjoyed our discussions. In no way do I represent Dr. Ruth B. Drown’s discoveries in the field of bioradiology, her work or her philosophy, but for several months I studied to her ill l;iclion in her Clinic in California before bringing buck with me the first of her instruments to be imported Into England. That was in 1937, since when many others have been, and many professional workers have learnt to use well  these and somewhat similar instruments. I continue in personal friendship and in frequent correspondence with Dr. Drown, and I can confidently rely on Mr Denning’s use of his instruments.”


27.8.54                                                                                                                                 Mary M.Leigh

Slowly patients began to come, but I only had one instrument for 11raiment purposes, so having saved a little money by this time, I bought another which my physiotherapist’s husband had used and which would enable me to treat five patients at the same time.

My tutor had told me that there were four large instruments in the country that were capable of treating 50 patients at once, and by happy chance, I learned from another source, that one of these was for sale. I mentioned this to Mary Leigh who said, “Well, I know all four of them personally, and I’m sure that none of them would be so foolish as to sell, but I’ll write to them and we’ll see what happens.”

One reply came by return. “Yes, I am selling my instrument, but it’s on offer.”

My hopes sank. But a week later a letter arrived for me.

“Offer not taken up … you can have the instrument. Please collect it at once.”

I couldn’t have been more eager to do so, but I only had £20 in the bank, which was completely inadequate when I discovered the instrument was valued in three figures. Dare I send my all as a deposit? I decided it was worth trying, and off went my precious savings.

Imagine my horror when I received an answer by return and when I opened it, my cheque fell out of the envelope. I thought that my offer had been rejected. Then I read the accompanying note. “I said you could have the instrument… pay when you can.”

Here now seemed to be an insoluble problem, but the following weekend I was spending with some old friends who were interested in what I was doing. At about 9.00 p.m. and although we had not once talked about money, my host said, “You want some money, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered quickly, thinking he was making some kind of joke, and I lightheartedly went on to mention the three figure sum that would enable me to buy that precious instrument.

To my astonishment, and without another word, he sat down and wrote a cheque for the magic figure. “This is a loan, free of interest. Pay me back when you can.”

Unbelievably the treasure was to be mine after all.

Needless to say, I took this as yet another sign that I was to carry on with radionics, probably on a full time basis. I had my instruments, I had my training and much information. I was well set up for the healing path. The only question still without an answer was, how does it work? With this in mind I waited for something to happen which would show me where to look for guidance. Time passed until one day I was told about an organisation called ‘The Theosophical Society’, and it was suggested to me that with them I might find the answers I wanted so badly. I was soon to realise that nobody in the Society was interested in my subject, yet I knew that every contact has a value sooner or later, and that this one was all part of a broader plan that I could not envisage.

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