S.W. Tromp – Professor of Geology

Medical applications of Pallomancy

“We can be very brief here as most of the applications have been discussed in the conformable section on divining rod experiments and in the pages on pallomancy. The main applications of pallomancy are:

1. The possibility of specific auto-sensitization which might enable a doctor to establish more accurately in each individual case the requisite dosage of drugs. A human being is not a machine and each person has his specific degree of sensitivity to drugs. Usually a doctor has very little chance to know exactly which dose is the most favourable. He will give one, two or three tablets a day whereas the optimum treatment of that particular organism might be obtained with, for example, 1 2/5th tablets. A scientific study of this subject is therefore of the greatest importance.

2. The determination of the pattern of the electric field of the human body, which as we have seen reflects all the physiological processes in the body. Once we have learned to interpret this pattern correctly we might predict certain diseases long before normal medical methods enable a diagnosis to be made. On the other hand strong artificial electric fields might influence this pattern and could have healing effects which otherwise are difficult to obtain.

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