Tesla now understood why the coloration of discharges varied so with various impulse durations. Each gas of the aetheric atmosphere was being stimulated to luminescence. Tesla repeatedly produced discharge colorations which had no equivalent in the common gas spectra prevalent in the terrestrial atmosphere. Colors of blood-red, and sky blue, of peach, and white were each described in detail by Nikola Tesla. Although sharing certain characteristics with electricity, aetheric energy was a totally different expression. Aetheric energy held a potential which more nearly matched the expectations of those who dream and wish, a mystery realm. Tesla perceived this kinship between thought and aetheric energy with keenest intrigue, already planning the several necessary investigations before approaching this potential psychotronic technology. He often exposed himself to the very shortest of aether impulse radiance, discovering the mind-elevating effects grew with time. Aetheriv energy demonstrated growth characteristics which Tesla noted with amazement.

It is impossible to comprehend Teslian Technology apart from the controversial topic concerning the aether. Many analysts will reject the concept without first seeking out and discovering the proofs which have been established by experimenters such as Eric Dollard. Nevertheless, the overwhelming evidence proves that Tesla had indeed been first to identify the gases which Dr. Mendeleev had so long predicted. Tesla addressed the notion that aether streams were being pulled through his Transformers, drawn in at higher natural pressure, and accelerated in the sharp electrical discharge. As electrical systems, Tesla apparatus cannot completely be understood or explained. One must view Teslian Technology as an aether gas technology, one capable of being explained only through gas-dynamic analogues.

It was now easy to understand how such projected rays, aether gas streams under high pressure, could penetrate metals and insulators alike. These powerful rays often could penetrate certain materials with inexplicable efficiency. Electricity did not perform these wonders. Tesla also now understood why these discharge streams produced their smoothly hissing sounds, visibly appearing like gas jets under high pressure. ./Ether gas under pressure. But what of the other characteristics of this gaseous component? Here was a new world of forces and dynamics vaguely glimpsed by researchers such as Luigi Galvani who, in order to release the more vitalizing components observed in metals which were aerially disposed or grounded, persistently sought the elimination of electronic charge. Tesla was completely mystified. He had successfully released the mystery current, normally suppressed and bound in electronic charge carriers. Unidirectional impulsive discharges of high voltage and abrupt durations released them. What other potentials would aether gas technology release?


The original cylindrical coils were quickly replaced with cone shaped coils. With these bizarre geometries, Tesla was able to focus the gas-dynamic component, which now rose up like a jet of hissing white light from the coil tip. Tesla recognized that these discharges, while spectacular and awe inspiring, actually represented lost power. A power broadcast station had to evenly disperse the energetic radiance in all directions. Flame-like discharges caused the available power to undulate in space. This would produce unpredictable power drops at great distances. Consumers would not receive a reliable and consistent stream of energy. If his Power Transformer was to operate with highest broadcast efficiency, these flame-like discharges necessarily had to be suppressed. But suppressing these excessive aether jets proved problematic.

Tesla found that the white Simmering streams were absorbed in large capacity volumes, masses in which the streams were absorbed, filtered, and expelled. The use of copper spheres atop his Transformers forced the streams sufBciendy apart to suppress the white flame. Power was now evenly dispersed throughout space as required. But a new problem appeared. The copper spheres, being impacted by the high voltage streams which they were forced to now conduct, expelled electronic components. These appeared along with the radiance, producing truly dangerous conditions. The problem was stimulated by conduction, a case where the spherical copper ball was impacted throughout its volume. The white flimmering streams permeated the copper and expelled electrons. These contaminants concentrated their escape from the system as harmful, blue stinging dartlets. By comparison, the white flame-like discharge was a smooth and harmless glow.

Comparing the two species, Tesla recognized the difference in charge carriers. Tesla was once nearly killed when one such dartlet jumped three feet through the air and struck him directly over the heart. The copper spheres had to be removed and replaced by another dispersion component. Metals were apparently of no utility in this case, being natural reservoirs of electrons. Tesla eventually suggested that metals manufactured electrons when impacted with these special flame-white currents, the carriers in the white flames becoming concentrated within the metallic lattice. This concept was later developed into an amazing theory by Tesla, one which thoroughly explains natural radioactivity as the result of impact.

While developing new lamps for his power system, Tesla discovered that gas-filled globes could provide more efficient suppression capacity for flaring asther streams, and promptly directed that his transformers be surmounted with such globes. The absence of metal mass eliminated the possibility that aether impulses could impact the metal lattice and expel electronic charges. These gas-globe terminals dispersed only the pure aBtheric stream, a perfect solution for his original dilemma. Tesla now found himself in possession of components necessary to establishing his Power Broadcast System on a commercial basis.

He had already observed how the very air near these Transformers could be rendered strangely self-luminous. This was a light like no high frequency coil ever could produce, a corona of white brilliance which expanded to ever enlarging diameters. The light from Tesla Transformers continually expands. Tesla described the growing column of light which surrounds any elevated line which has been connected to his Transformers. Unlike common high frequency alternations, Tesla radiant energy effects grow with time. Tesla recognized toe reason for this temporal growth process. There were no reversals in the source discharges, therefore the radiant energy would never remove the work performed on any space or material so exposed. As with the unidirectional impulse discharges, the radiant electric effects were additive and accumulative. In this respect, Tesla observed energy magnifications which seemed totally anomalous to ordinary engineering convention.