It was easy to control the brilliance of a room by controlling the voltage in his transformers. The fight from this sort of illumination was curiously bright to human perception, but nearly impossible to photograph on film. Tesla found it necessary to make long time exposures of his discharges before the faintest sort of streamers could be made visible. This strange inability to register photographically was contrasted against the brilliance perceived in the eyes, one which required delicate control. Tesla also designed, built, and utilized large globe lamps which required only a single external plate for receiving the radiant energies. However distantly placed from the radiant source, these lamps became brilliantly illuminated. Theirs was a brilliance approaching that of an arc lamp, and exceeding any of the conventional Edison filament lamps by several factors. It was also easy for Tesla to control the heat of any space. By controlling both the voltage and impulse duration of energy in his Transformers, Tesla could heat up a room. Cool breezes could also be arranged by appropriately setting the impulse duration.

Tesla was amazed by the fact that mass ratios governed the efficient operation of his aether Transformers. The wonderful fact that mass ratios provided the most efficient transaction of broadcast energy was the mystifying reminder that these energies were not electrical. No electrical law existed in just such a bizarre format, not even when describing inductions between high frequency alternators. The original gas-dynamic implication inherent in this strange ratio requirement was confirmed. Now Tesla designed receiving apparatus for his future consumers. The mass of home receiving coils had to match the equivalent mass of the central transmitting coils of the broadcast center. Tesla matched coils and capacitors to produce this equivalent mass ratio, satisfying the natural requirements of the Eetheric radiance. An elevated ball-like terminal would receive the broadcast energy, conveying it down into a central home-distribution apparatus. Here, the astheric energy would be rebroadcast throughout the household without wires. Appliances could simply be moved to where they were needed, and turned on. Nothing could be more simple.

While Tesla’s models were made with technological objectives in mind, he was not without an appreciation of fine art and the beauty of artistic elegance. In certain respects, Tesla’s tastes were extravagant, a luxury which he could certainly yet afford. He was certain that each component of his system would be redesigned by artists and made more appealing for the consumer. The “look” of these appliances carried with them an aire of the future. In fact, Tesla invented an astounding collection of futuristic-looking appliances. Motors now appeared in an amazing variety, requiring no wire connections, save the small metal plates held on opposite ends of the motor housing. Placed in any position, the motors powerfully spun when the radiant field was on. Here was motive energy for home and industry alike.

Tesla performed outdoor experimental tests of broadcast power in the northernmost reaches of Manhattan by night. Sending metallized balloons aloft, he raised conductive lines. These were connected to the terminals of his Transformers, and activated. When properly adjusted, the white luminous columns began covering the vertical aerial line and expanded by the second. Enveloping Tesla, his assistants, and the surrounding trees, this strange white luminosity moved out into the countryside to an enormous volume of space. Tesla described this phenomenon in several of his power transmission patents, the obvious artifact of a non-electrical energy. His Transformer was now behaving as originally visualized. Now it was a true Transmitter, a Transmitter of aetheric energy. Appliances were disposed at various distances from this temporary central broadcast station on the meadows, absorbing energy from the aetheric radiance and performing to full efficiency. Lamps brilliant, motors humming, heaters radiating. The small radiant system worked with a rare power.

More highly energetic, exceeding the mobility of ionic charges, and overpowering any field inductions by several thousand orders, only aetheric energy-could have accomplished this feat. Tesla had all of the components now. Broadcast power, once a visionary dream, had become a working system. There appeared to be no limit to the potential of this technological marvel. Tesla discovered a fact which later developed into a later regime of thought. He found to his amazement that single connections from impulse transmitter to ground produced greatly intensified responses in his distant appliances. This principle was applied to the appliances as well, resulting in an unprecedented increase in their overall performance. ‘Die single ground connection suddenly produced new and anomalous efficiencies in the system, an extraordinary excess of energy which his impulse transmitter was providing. Tesla was familiar with the natural growth process of aetheric streams, but why would ground connections so magnify the brilliance of lamps and the output of motors in this way?

This observation stimulated perplexing thoughts. How was aetheric energy, a supposed aerial dynamic, tunneling through the ground? Why were the magnification effects noticed when his appliances were ground connected? What self-magnifying capabilities were possibly stimulated when operating in conjunction with the ground connection? Was the earth itself a vast reservoir of aether gas? Furthermore, in what condition was this gas, was it under pressure? The phenomenon stimulated a revolution in his mind. For in this, Tesla perceived an unexpected power source.


The key to producing all aetheric action was to secure a means for actually effecting aetheric deviations, the very thing now possessed by Tesla alone. Sir Oliver Lodge stated that the only means for “getting at the aether” was “an electrical means”, but not one member of the Royal Society had been able to achieve this feat with the rare exception of Sir William Crookes. The Tesla method used aether to modify aether! The secret was separating the contaminants from the aether current at the very source of generation, a feat which he had achieved in his Transformers. But how? How, with the apparatus made available to him through his creative abilities, did he achieve what military groups today cannot?

Tesla used the violence of magnetically disrupted arc discharges to chaoticize electronic and aetheric carriers in metal conductors. Breaking the agglomerations which bind them together, each component was free to separate. This condition could not be achieved in arc discharges where currents were allowed to alternate. In such apparatus, the electronic carriers overwhelmed the release of aether and, while aether was present in the discharge, could never be separated from the composite current. This is the fundamental reason why experimenters in England could never reproduce these effects, finally concluding that Tesla was “paraphrasing physical reality”. Typically understated, the prevailing attitude toward Tesla found its real source in an inability among researchers to truly comprehend the elegance of what had been discovered. Thus, although shown these tilings in repeated demonstrations by Tesla himself, the inability which prevailed among these highly esteemed personages revealed the real source of error.