Tesla discussed the possibility of beaming energy directly into the night sky, causing the very air to fluoresce. In such discussions, he suggested that night illumination of the sky could be used by ocean going vessels as a feature of safety. In connection with these topics, he stimulated much exciting thought on the notion that energy could be obtained from the sky, once a “world system” of beamray transmitters was established. No doubt, those whose fortunes relied on fuel and powerlines did not appreciate these candid talks. It was well appreciated that Tesla could achieve the seemingly impossible things of which he so openly spoke.


All of these empirical discoveries brought Tesla into the fascinating examination of aether stream behavior in matter in 1891. Aether behaved in strange ways when forced to tunnel through metals, gases, stone, glasses, jewels. In its fundamental principles, Teslian Technology involves impact and force exchange. In methodic succession, Tesla found which metals and organic substances aetheric streams penetrate without resistance. He also determined which materials offered considerable resistance to the streams, a valuable piece of information. The fact that aether streams could be substantially deformed in passing through certain such materials indicated the degree to which such materials were internally arranged. When aether streams were compelled to flow through given metals, usually good electrical conductors such as silver and copper, the parriculate impacts released new species. These often appeared as darting sparks of various colorations, contaminating the pure eetheric flow. Aether particles were extremely mobile, virtually massless when compared with electrons, and could therefore pass through matter with very little effort. Electrons could not “keep up” with either the velocity or the permeability of aetheric particles. According to this view, aether particles were infinitesimals, very much smaller than electrons themselves.

The aetheric carriers contained momentum. Their extreme velocity matched their nearly massless nature, the product of both becoming a sizable quantity. They moved with superluminal velocity, a result of their incompressible and massless nature. Whenever a directed radiant matter impulse begins from some point in space, an incompressible movement occurs instantly through space to all points along that path. Such movement occurs as a solid ray, an action defying modem considerations of signal retardations in space. Incompressible raylines can move through any distance instantly. Should the path be 300,001 kilometers long, the impulse at the source end will each that point as quickly as at all other points. This is superluminal velocity. Radiant matter behaved in-compressibly. In effect, this stream of radiant matter, virtually massless and hydrodynamically incompressible, was a pure energy! Radiant Energy.

In addition to this inherent momentum, fether streams would actually interact with matter only with the proper conductive materials were stressed with the proper impulse intervals. This understanding provided an essential clue to the real nature of matter and energy, a foundation which was empirically pioneered by Tesla and theoretically developed by Dr. Gustav Le Bon. The interchange of energy into matter and matter into energy presupposed a fundamental “materiurn”. Victorians considered the aetheric gases to be this materium. One could theoretically pass a concentrated aether stream through any material and produce new elements and energetic emanations. These transitions occurred as a continuum which lacked any fixed “stations” of mass or of energy. For Victorians, the progressive passage from matter into energy or from energy to matter did not occur in fixed “quanta”. Tesla had the first experimental evidence that this was indeed possible. His statements concerning material generation and transmutation were perceived as ravings.

Opinions be damned. Superior technology affords a very few researchers with access to deeper than conventional realities. Nature reveals levels which form the infrastructure to things observable through available scientific means. Deeper infrastructures require a succession of superior technologies, the gantries of Nature being thus reveled to equipped human explorers. Regardless of opinion, Tesla found all to numerous facts which later contradicted the emerging science of quantum physics. Despite its promoted openness to skeptical analysis, academic science has always demonstrated its unfortunate tendency to universalize every theory which offers some explanation for a part of natural phenomena. In this we perceive an essential and knowledge-devastating flaw. Enlarging the microscopic issues to encompass the whole is worse than a tragic myopic lapse. In the bold face of plentiferous natural contradictions, it is laughable evidence of stubborn pride at academic levels supposedly incapable of exercising such base human sentiments. All too flawed and all too human. Be sure of this, Nature cannot be codified in the simplistic dynamics of moving matter and energetic exchanges. Nature is far more integrated and articulate, endowed with potentials not now thought scientific.

Indeed in the aetheric continuum, there are none of the graphic details concerning quanta. There are no structured levels, no quanta, in which aetheric energy is constrained. Quantum physics applies to a very specific realm of energetic transactions, one whose properties are entirely bound up in considerations of inertia. The physics of the aetheric continuum knows no such limitations, details, or rigorous fixtures. Incompressible, infinitesimal in cross sections, aether gases permeate matter. Tesla stated that all kinetic energy was ultimately traceable directly back to the aetheric atmosphere. jEtheric movements provoke the “inertia” in Nature. In exploring the ultra-gaseous aetheric medium, Tesla produced a method for bombarding various materials with intensely concentrated aetheric streams. This first began with his search for a superior aetheric lamp, one which required only an aetheric supply to produce an intense brilliance.

Supported on a single lead wire, these bulbs produced then-unheard effects. Tesla placed jewels, light metals, heavy metals, non-metals, and radioactive materials in these globes. He immersed these materials in various gaseous atmospheres. He finally tried hard vacuum. ./Ether streams exploded through the various crystalline lattices placed atop the single electrode. Each unidirectional impulse passed directly through the material and out into surrounding space. Electrode matter was simply evaporated, converted to aether and other particles. The hardest, most refractory materials simply vanished away after several seconds of this treatment Tesla said that impulses acted as tiny “hammers”, passing from within the substance itself out to space. Here was proof that aether was converting matter into pure energy. Tesla noted that the radiant expulsions actually passed through the globes. In many cases they left only a faint metallic stain. Soon, continued exposure to the aether streams drove even these stains away.