Tesla demonstrated this principle of action. Lamps remained brightly lit long after power had been withdrawn. When merely placed in the paths where aether currents had been directed, lamps could be reignited. This condition persisted for several minutes, evidence that aether currents kept flowing long after the beamray tube was extinguished. Tesla very casually mentioned this fact when describing a process by which he could “obtain energy for hours” after his impulse transmitters were disconnected. Tesla described this “ionized” condition in the ambient medium. He also described the nature of strange discharges obtained from organic materials. Clothes, hair, and wooden objects produced soft white, gossamer sparks for an equivalent hour or more. These were long, very clingy, and thready. Strange gossamer! Such discharges do not sound familiar. They are certainly not electrical phenomena, being the very obvious result of an intense bombardment in a far deeper natural realm of energy. From any electrical vantage alone, all of these phenomena sounded absolutely ridiculous and overdone, the “poetic” fabrications of a madman.

In addition, Tesla found that space-traversing currents gained extra power from the surrounding aetheric supply. This extra supply was pulled into the current channel, guided only by its own momentum. This was why aether power did not diminish as other energetic manifestations. .Ether, possessed of momentum, did not suffer from frictional losses either. /Ether beams remained rigidly fixed in their position, flowing on and on until the gradual diminution process finally brings them to a halt. An experimenter, Mr. Gregory Hodowanec, has conducted experiments in this fascinating field. He has successfully corroborated these claims of Tesla, showing in a most remarkable and simple manner that any impulse, movement, or stimulation in the aetheric atmosphere “continues to flow” in place for hours at a time. Along with the gravitic waves with which he is principally concerned, Mr. Hodowanec employs capacitors to detect aetheric impulses in space. Most remarkably, he has extended the science of aether into an exploration of gravitation.

Quite obviously, Tesla Transformers were able to stimulate strong flow lines in the aetheric atmosphere. These surged through his special vacuum tubes along any direction in which they were aimed. He found himself, like his mentor Sir William Crookes, searching through laboratory space for evidence of atmospheric aether drifts. Sir William had predicted that “ectoplasmic disturbances” in the aetheric continuum might be detected with special high vacuum discharge globes of his own early design. Used as a scrying telescope for peering into the spectral world, he had hoped that it would reveal a new dimension. Toward this and other ends, Dr. Crookes continually made tests with his large globular discharge devices, carefully unpacking them from their special velvet-lines boxes in old English estates. There in large darkened rooms, while peering into the mirrored concave electrodes covered over in white flimmering radiance, the whimsical bespectacled man with the twinkling smile eagerly sought ghosts.

Another “detail” which Tesla discovered dealt with the “pliant” nature of the aether. When appropriately stimulated by his methods, aether could be made to execute strange convolutions. ./Ether was incredibly responsive to pressure changes anywhere along its path. The slightest effective exertion on such a stream produced an instantaneous corresponding movement throughout the whole flow, ^theric streams behaved in a “stiff” way, much like high pressure jets of water fired through pinholes. They were not always visible in transit, producing a white streaming light only near the point of their departure from his special high vacuum tubes. These beams were not composed of electrons, X-Rays, or Gamma Rays. Once released and directed aetheric beams did not diverge or bend unless striking into appropriate materials.

Tesla forever maintained that natural radioactivity was the weak by-product of a powerful, but unmeasurable dielectric flux whose source was space aether. Focussing into dense nuclei, aether was diverted and blocked. This concentrated bombardment produced particulate and photonic emanations through “spallation”, divergent energetic impacts between particles. But using dielectric energy would be using the very source of these radioactive manifestations. It was curious that aether, being the far greater power source, was so very soft in its natural state. One could stand exposed to an aether stream and never become ill. Tesla found to his delight that aether streams of specific impulse were beneficial, and exposed himself to their streams daily for periods of an hour or more as desired. Tesla inferred that Eether particles passed through the body as if it were transparent. The only time they interacted was when the pulsations were such that physiology began to pulsate in rhythmic successions with the incoming aether pulses. In his use of aetheric streams, Tesla found a remarkable resultant elevation in both sensation and consciousness. Ideas seemed to emerge and visions clarify during these exposures. Interactions of bio-organic matter with aether pulsations became the source of vitalizing influences. Aether was neutral, and did not ionize matter unless focussed and delivered as a short duration impulse train.

Tesla learned that he could actually impress an aetheric stream with changes from the reception site, a true anomaly. Aether was so responsive to manipulations from the received end of a stream that cascade reactions would quickly spread along the stream back to its source. Thus, a receiver could literally force the aether source to feed it wherever it moved! This was the result of pressure laws, superluminal speeds, and aetheric density. Any rarefaction in the aether flow would instantly tug aether into the lower pressure volume. Aether responses occurred with superluminal velocity, conditions being established and strengthened after a small such manipulation of the flow. Tesla saw that he could literally “shape” the aether flow within certain degrees of freedom. Most engineers simply failed to comprehend how anyone could exert a powerful such effect on a gaseous atmosphere which was supposedly inaccessible!

Additionally, beams of aether acquired extra power in transit across any long space, an essential anomaly. This is why beamrays of Radiant Energy never weakened after being projected for long distances. This was an unheard condition, where otherwise “lost energy” maintains and gathers strength after being expended across space. Obviously, Radiant Energy was finding a mysterious energetic supply while in transit. None of the expectable energy laws of natural diminution applied to Radiant Energy. This was because the aether was everpresent, a ready and undiminished supply of energy. Aether was a gaseous radiance, often invisible to the eye, but a powerful pressure source. Along with several colleagues of the day, Tesla firmly ascribed to the aetheric theory of gravitation. Gravitation was evidence that a groundward aetheric pressure was at work, permeating mass and producing fixed relationships of attraction with respect to the earth proper. The apparent constant acceleration of different falling masses was accordingly calculated as a function of density and cross-section. Theoretically, the concept remains a curiously flawless explanation of gravitation. Perhaps the recent scientific world too much resembles the world of “pop” art and music, where fickle fads and novelties are more important than expressions of excellence.