Nevertheless, Tesla continued to teach that these radiant particles were undetectable by normal means. Those like Millikan, who succeeded in detecting charged particles from space, and not identified these primary radiant particles. Tesla stated that the so-called “cosmic rays” of the conventional lexicon were tertiary and even quaternary residues, the splattered by-products of collisions stimulated by Radiant Energy. He claimed the means by which he had successfully detected these before the turn of the Century. More than this, Tesla was now about to harness the “eternal wheelworks of Nature”.

The aetheric volumes which came to the earth from the space was an incalculable volume, a power source of eternal consequence. It arrived to earth under extreme pressure, a value which Tesla calculated in the range of several “hundred million volts”. Tesla stated that the aetheric atmosphere, though often a “dark light”, floods the earth at all times with its great power. Tesla stated that both the geointernal radioactive elements and the native heat of the earth was a direct result of aetheric bombardment from space. Although the sun was a dominant source of Radiant Energy, Tesla stated that it was not the only supplier of aetheric particles. ./Ether was expelled from all points in interstellar space, a constant supply of natural Radiant Energy. Such energy was released by stellar processes. Since the sun was a local aether source, it figured in the total aether supply. The normal space influx was therefore augmented during the daytime by the additional solar supply. Bombarding the earth from all directions, Radiant Energy entered the earth. Once having passed through the crust, it was sufficiently slowed to lodge deep within the mantle. After passing through these miles of rock, the highly pressured and kinetically energetic aether transferred its prodigious energies to the deeper material of the earth itself.

Sunlight. Starlight. Space. Radiant Energy. The connections were too direct to be misleading, the concept too direct to be erroneous. Here was an inescapable probability awaiting application. Just as his aether stream projectors had power to push matter and charge certain metals, so too did sunlight have this inherent potential. Only a means for fully tapping this enormous flow prevented humanity from harnessing the true and most formidable energy in sunlight. Conceiving of the sun, its aether flow, and the earth itself, Tesla recognized that a vast aetheric exchange system was here represented. This system was the self-generative natural source from which energy could simply be absorbed and used. No fuel needed ever be consumed again.

The notion that aether could be resisted by certain materials, was new to the theory of aether. Formerly, this theory ascribed unreal characteristics to aether. Tesla now had empirical facts against which to form a realistic model. Specific matter could deflect aetheric streams. Electrostatic fields as well demonstrated their ability to distort aetheric streams. Here were special facts, having special technological implications. To be empowered in the quest of developing aetheric technology was to be on the very threshold of achieving wonders. In several experimental instances, researchers discovered the complete annihilation of gravitic effects due to extreme positive electrostatic charge. George Piggot showed that it was possible to suspend large beads of silver within a positive monopolar field. Dr. Francis Nipher also demonstrated the complete reversal of gravitational attraction in a modified Cavendish balance. Here too it was found that strong positive electrostatic charge, though completely shielded in Faraday cages, successfully repelled neutral matter. These could only be the result of aetheric interactions.

Tesla now understood why certain geological regions were most “energetic” and conducive to the juncture of electrical communication systems. Old telegraphers and telephone linesmen knew the difference between “good ground” ad “bad ground”. This lesson was again being learned by those who had chosen the pursuit of wave radio. Only certain ground sites were acceptable as sites from which exceptionally strong signals could be launched out into space. While Tesla disdained those who so pursued Marconi and his weak reproductions of Hertzian research, he also understood why the geological sites worked in their efficient manner. Most practical engineers simply equated these geological sites with “better conductivity”. This simplistic explanation was, very unfortunately, untrue. It was found that such “good ground” did not always conform with geological features at all. Furthermore, it was impossible to rely on geological patterns for the accurate selection of radio station sites. Tesla perceived that space sourced aether streams were responsible for “good ground”, focussing and flowing into the ground for reasons much deeper than geology alone. Perhaps it was the aetheric flow which caused the geology!

Tesla inferred that locales in which aether had been resisted caused such intense bombardment that radioactive minerals had there been generated. iEther streams were modified by existed geological structures, focussing or dispersing throughout each region. Perhaps also these were the reasons why certain locations demonstrated distorted gravitational and perceptual behaviors. This bombardment from space was energetic enough to produce the observed natural georadioactivity and geothermal heat. In this view, gravitation itself was a direct result of aetheric bombardment from space. Tesla viewed the earth itself as a gigantic stone lens, focussing all incoming aether particles. In this manner, geothermal heat would be localized within a given subterranean horizon. Heat would be continually released throughout the earth, being most intense within its horizon. There were other geophysical consequences of this focussed bombardment. Indeed, the aether flow from space was an overwhelming supply. Tesla often became ecstatic just to imagine or speak of it.

Aether was entering the earth from space continuously! Tesla began making connections from this knowledge into those mysteries which presently occupied the scientific preoccupations of his day. This wonderful aetheric flow from space manifested itself in a host of unexplained electrical phenomena with which science had long been baffled. Many explanations rushed together.

Now Tesla was able to understand that sunlight contained an aetheric component, one which drove itself in endless streams from space into the ground. This was the process responsible for the generating the natural dielectric field of the earth, responsible for the spontaneous charging of aerial terminals or grounded capacitors, responsible for natural electric displays, and so forth.