The terrestrial electric field, problematic from every explanatory perspective, could be explained by aetheric principles alone. A technology which worked entirely in the aetheric realm would provide undreamed potentials for humanity. In truth the aetheric realm lay too close to the very realms of sensation and consciousness for coincidence, a parallel which Tesla had long pondered. Perhaps the formation of deserts was caused by excessive such bombardments. The subsequent loss of life and water vapor from such regions evidenced the dangerous conditions that could be produced by a technological system which used aether. He would necessarily have to seek out places which were already desertified, a site whose elevation was great. He began to plan his great experiment in order to determine the exact parameters needed to establish a truly commercial aether power system.

Tesla observed these pulsations and chose a range within which to operate his aether engine. The incoming aether waves would supply a continual supply of enormous power. If his impulse transmitter could be made to accommodate the exact incoming pulsations which he had chosen, a valving action would be established. The impulse transmitter could then appropriate the incoming energetic pulsations, entering into the natural geoaetheric flow. Once this condition was established, one which Tesla referred to as “impulse resonance”, a host of possibilities would then present themselves. Tesla could arrange to rebroadcast these aether pulses at more rapid rates, to be absorbed at higher rates by distant ground connected appliances.

Tesla now apprehended the fact that incoming aether so bombarded the ground that electronic charge was actually produced therein. These spontaneously manufactured electrons distributed themselves through slow conduction process throughout the ground. Of course, there were geo-related inconsistencies to this conductive process, electrons bunching in certain places and causing continual electrostatic phenomena (Corliss) .Here then was the mysterious source of terrestrial dielectric fields. Apart from the daytime deformations caused by the sun, the orientation of this dielectric field remained constant day and night. While only mildly deformed during the day, the field was a remarkably resilient natural feature of the environment, one whose very presence could not truly be understood. From where did this field originate?

What was the source of the excess electronic charge constantly emerging from the ground, whose electrostatic field reached out into space? Tesla had learned that aetheric bombardments of certain matter ejected, and at times manufactured electrons. ./Ether particles often condensed within atomic nuclei, the manufacture process being evidence by an excess of negative charge in laboratory bombardment experiments. The very light of his vacuum lamps was sufficiently charged with neutral Radiant Energy to charge capacitors. If this served as an example of natural principles, then Radiant Energy from space was the real source of the terrestrial electronic charges.

Bombarding the atmosphere, and plowing into the upper crust on their way toward the mantle, the primary ultra-infinitesimal aether particles manufactured electrons. These drifted up to the surface and distributed themselves more or less uniformly, a constantly manufactured supply of undiminished quantity. This was why the dielectric field of the earth remained so clock-constant. Just as the Radiant Energy from his vacuum lamps steadily charged capacitors across a room, so also did the Radiant Energy from space steadily charge the earth. This powerful natural aether flow, from space to ground, flooded the environment. The conversion of aether into electrons within the rocky crust continually produces an excess population of negative charge which has never found satisfactory explanation.

It was apparent that, while the sun was the most “local” terrestrial aether source, a vast reservoir of densely concentrated aether was indeed coming in from all other parts of space at all times undiminished. The sun did not dominate the aetheric supply, it augmented the supply. This reception process was endless, a constant stream of unsuspected energy which entered the earth day and night For Tesla this revealed a whole dynamic in which aetheric flow directed and guided all processes electrical. ./Ether was the superior, electricity the inferior. What aether did, electrical phenomena followed. This single principle became for him a rule of unparalleled use. Tesla consistently stated that aether was being condensed into electrons at a specific rate, by which the terrestrial electric field was being manufactured. Physicists derided this notion, claiming that the excess electrons came from space “already made”. Science remains bound in numerous tautologies encompassing geomagnetism, solar wind, geo-thermoelectric process, and so on. Each of these hypotheses represent failed attempts at maintaining the “ionic balance”.

None of the bookkeeping techniques explains the excess of negative charge however. Later theories tried to show that these electrons arrived in a solar wind, the expelled debris from the solar thermonuclear reaction. But, all natural effects being balanced, no such “excess” of negative charge should be claimed for a solar wind hypothesis. The solar wind is a plasma, a neutral population. Tesla realized that academic science had been measuring the weak transition of aether into electrons, and calling the process a mystery. Not comprehending the invisible cause of the effect they measured, academes could not discover the source of excess negative charge! What Tesla greatly desired was the extraction of energy, free energy, from the natural aether flow.


Several pieces of essential information had been working their magick in Tesla’s mind for months. Since his outdoor experiments with his preliminary broadcast power system, Tesla pondered the mystery of ground connections and their strangely increased efficiency. How had the ground applied impulses from the Transmitter somehow inexplicably accumulated power in traversing the ground toward the grounded appliances? He had found that a single elevated terminal greatly intensified the “energy magnification” effect. Many confused this arrangement with the ordinary aerial-ground components being developed at the time for wave radio applications. Misunderstanding the astheric prime motivator of these transmitters, most would have viewed the various models of Tesla power systems in this conventional way. Indeed, examining the patents reveals no especially unusual components. The only attributes which differ in Tesla Patents are his descriptions, purposefully precise and perplexing in their assertions. In fact, the descriptions teach that efficient performance occurs with terminals which are largely capacitive. According to wave radio principles, these systems should never operate. Those who attempt to analyze Tesla impulse transmitters from the wave radio perspective walk away either baffled or critical. One cannot rationalize Tesla Patent texts when viewed in a conventional vein.